My Stalker/Ex-Fan situation

My Stalker/Ex-Fan situation

Peyton Waukau (of Madison, Wisconsin), has been stalking me/smearing my name and reputation since 2019. In 2021, Heather Vandagriff, a disgruntled fan, joined her efforts and their actions crossed over into tortious interference territory.

Peyton insaneRegarding Peyton Waukau, I had a casual, non-monogamous, relationship with her that spanned a total of 8 hours in person (3 different events — technically 3 one-night stands) over a year, as well as only 20 text exchanges before her personality disorder became apparent. (A note of clarification: while we met at a convention, she was not a fan of mine nor displayed any parasocial characteristic behavior.) Once contact was cut off, she resorted to harassing female friends for information and then anonymously pursuing an unsuccessful #KickVic/#metoo inspired campaign on twitter.

Her real identity can be seen on her Instagram. Every few posts will have a hashtag of my name in association with narcissism/abuser. If you go back to 2019 and read forward you will see she expounds about an intense, abusive (seemingly in-person) 3 year relationship with me (an impossibility easily disputed) and how I controlled her behavior daily through my “abusive narcissism.”

Her anonymous twitter accounts change and have included @LesBean94, @BewareCreepyVAs and @BewareCreepyMen (@LesBeanz94 on IG). Occasionally her tweets get megaphoned by a few other anonymous accounts that have their own questionable agendas (as demonstrated by this entire blog post). (It seems she may also be sharing twitter account duties with some woman in Canada – @starsberet).

Heather Vandagriff (of Albuquerque, New Mexico) is a disgruntled former longtime fan whom I asked 8+/- years ago to write some first draft fanfics for a show I performed at cons. Heather has been proactively trying to further the smear campaign as recompense for perceived slights over shared ownership of a discord server back in April, 2021, by posting out of context and cropped conversations about writing aforementioned fanfics from 8+/- years ago, as well as creating fake direct messages from anonymous twitter users. Her November 2021 posts using erroneous Resident Evil information received inordinate internet attention and were her attempt to poison any potential future employment with Capcom.

Her twitter handles are @xhercoldhands and @burnside_fan (and alt IG account ClubAlchemy505). Less than 5 minutes of scrolling will inform you of her temperament. In addition, our last, honest, discourse on DM will give more context as to her state of mind. I encourage you to watch it.

(Pause the video for each pagination. Her online posts/actions acknowledged that her DMs are not private so I post it in that same spirit.)

Please DO NOT engage with them or those megaphoning them.

Reporting their tweets and/or accounts for harassment would be appreciated, though the accounts are so insignificant it’s doubtful Twitter will investigate.

If you wish to share this information with those they are conversing with, respond to only those people with this link. (The old axiom applies: don’t feed the trolls.)

A few conventions who booked me investigated these anonymous “sexual predator” allegations (and were offered access to archived personal correspondence I have) and deemed the allegations to be wholly without merit. One of the cons is run by a municipality and had to receive clearance from their legal department before booking me – which they did.

Referral info for these third parties is available to other conventions upon request through my reps. I also recommend scrolling to the “critical thinking” breakout box below.

False accusations do tremendous damage to victims of actual assault. I encourage people to fact check these accusations (because Twitter doesn’t) as well as critically assess the accounts propagating them.

“… Truth will out…” – Shakespeare

Accounts breaking TOS to be reported and blocked:


Some may also be on IG or FB.

Critical Thinking User Guide:

Critical Thinking User Guide:

From original post last updated 6/21.

Critical Thinking User Guide:

#BelieveWomen was meant to upend the history of a patriarchy that silenced victims. It was not intended to silence respectful and legitimate inquiry nor halt all application of facts and reason. It was to shield those coming forward from societal knee-jerk attacks. It is possible to hold space for people with true grievances to come forward while also withholding judgement of the person accused. (See end of the blog post). Notice “all” is not part of the hashtag. Why? Because, as Jon Oliver said, if it did we’d have to buy into Rachel Dolezal’s idiocy.

#MeToo is a justice movement – a way for victims of assault to be heard, have support, and to hold the perpetrator accountable. Women stood up and told their stories. They put themselves out there (their identities) and counted on others to not immediately dismiss their experiences anymore.

In many cases (such as Cosby, Weinstein, etc), the courts were able to see the evidence, hear directly from the victims and pass judgement. In others (like Vic Mignogna), the companies that hired him were able to look at the evidence, speak to those who had come forward and pass judgement. This is an important distinction.

Rumors spread by anonymous people from social media accounts are not being brave, nor are they accountable to the truth. If you want to ruin someone’s reputation, you do it through a “whisper campaign.”

If you can persuade other, well-meaning people that you (an anonymous person online) are speaking on behalf of “other anonymous victims,” then you have yourself the makings of a whisper campaign. Possibly ruining a person’s reputation without that person ever being able to respond to the “victim(s)” making the allegations. There are no consequences to anonymous twitter accounts making false allegations, yet tremendous damage is always done to the falsely accused.

        • While I know exactly who this person is (including IP address and a large file of texts, etc) they have not come forward under their real name.
        • While they are well “spoken” in their posts, they have not produced any incontrovertible evidence.
        • The majority of their accusations are moral in nature (50 year old man hangs with 25 year old women, drinking, porn.)
        • Other accusations are piled-on to the extreme (groper, pedophile, rapist).
        • They dismiss and block any person who has actually known me for years in the convention community.
        • No one else (non-anonymously) has joined their campaign with their own personal horror stories. This post of hers from October 2019 implies several victims are about to come forward… 2019. None have. You getting the picture?
        • And, most telling, no conventions – who are very sensitive to this kind of controversy after the Vic stuff – have bothered to give these anonymous accounts any credence. In fact, as you saw above, a DragonCon ex-convention employee shut it down unequivocally (and with style, I might add).

        So, if you’re here because you were duped by her smear campaign, go back and really read everything again. Go to the source, not the accounts blindly megaphoning her. Ask yourself “Who is this person? Where is the hard evidence? Why is their twitter account only about D.C. Douglas?” In short, please use some critical thinking when parsing it all. Thanks.


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