Voiceover Guy Goes Sane After Jon Stewart Rally

Voiceover Guy Goes Sane After Jon Stewart Rally

I didn’t think I would have a need or desire to write about (let alone work into a video) any more of my April Appletini Indiscretion™ (and the subsequent cyber outing, Fox News tarring and Blogosphere feathering).  Really.  I’m just fine with self-centered bragging about my random acting and voiceover accomplishments.

But with the end of the tumultuous midterms and financially suckie 2010, Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity seemed to be the perfect ending chapter and escape for me.  A cheeky way to purge any last remaining ghosts from April and to have a blast hanging out with 200,000 amusing and reasonable people.

And to be honest, one of my lingering ghosts was my Indiscretion™ being highlighted on The Daily Show.  But in revisiting it, I now dig it.  His joke at my expense (based on error riddled Washington Post and Fox News reports) was still funny and appropriate.  Plus, the audience’s biggest response was to my Appletini Indiscretion™ — I certainly wasn’t alone in my feelings towards FreedomWorks.  Albeit, my word choice was not the most “reasonable.”
So, I grabbed my camera, my woman and my cojones, and took off for Washington DC… Okay, so I didn’t grab my cojones, really.  Sounded macho.  Odds are, I did at one point, but probably to reposition them while flying coach.  I’m very tall… also, my woman came willingly.
Below is really two videos in one, but splitting them apart would water down some of the fun thru-line.  So, if 8 minutes doesn’t frighten you too much (think of it as one segment of your favorite TV show before a commercial break), sit back and enjoy DC in DC: A Reasonable Rally To Restore Sanity Video aka Beating A Dead Horse With The Last Of My 15 Minutes!

If this is the first poli-spoof video you’ve seen of mine, be sure to check out the rest: Tweaked Nipple Productions
If you want to know more about the Appletini Indiscretion™, start here (it has far fewer factual errors than what the news media had):  GEICO Recap
The song featured in this video is performed by the amazing and generous Doña Oxford.  You can buy the song (“Step Up”) on iTunes.  Learn more about Doña at www.Dona Oxford.com.
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