Albert Wesker Answers Your Phone For Charity

Albert Wesker Answers Your Phone For Charity

Albert Wesker has heard you. And he’s answered… your phone!

Below are the winners of the Albert Wesker voicemail competition.  They were chosen for a combination of popular votes and what tickled me.  I am also including a few ringtones, too.  But, you can only download them if you abide by the following rules:

ONE. You do not attempt to sell them to anyone.
(This is uncool and also illegal.)

TWO. You figure out how to install them without emailing me!
(I have to live my life, baby!)

And the last and most important rule:

THREE. You balance out the horror Wesker has caused by donating whatever you can to a charity of your choice ($1, $5, $50 – whatever works for you).  You can even do it in Albert Weskers name!  Imagine if all the fans did this?  Could get some media attention… Maybe even resurrect Wesker? (I’m a dreamer…)

Again, if you download these greetings,
please donate to a charity!

I love Doctors Without Borders.  I also love Kiva, though that’s not charity, it’s micro-lending, which is a long-term solution.  Perhaps you have one you really love?  Feel free to suggest it to folks in the comments area.  Here is a comprehensive list: Charity Navigator.

Click here to Join Team DC Douglas on KIVA.ORG

And now for the winners!
[Note:  Some scripts were slightly modified because I’m a prima dona.]

Mr. $miley

Gretchen Wesker

Wesker Cosplayer

Garrett Brown

Mrs. Albert Wesker
(my personal fav)

And Ringtones:



If you agree to the rules above
(don’t forget #3 – donate!)
you can download all of these in a zipped file:

So, there you have it! My thanks to you guys for being so cool to me over the last two years!  And remember that the secret to Wesker is that he [static] with a [static] while Excella lights a [static]… Wait… Oh, I think I’m losing you… Can you hear me now? What abou- [click]

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