Albert Wesker, Can You Hear Me Now?

Albert Wesker, Can You Hear Me Now?

Alright!  I give in!  I’m not sure if it’s legal or not, but it will be our little secret.  After a year of fans asking me to do their voicemail as Albert Wesker, I have come up with an idea:  I will have you guys write the script, then anyone who wants it can download it as long as they promise to make a $5 donation (or more) to a charity of their choice (or explore micro-lending with Kiva!).

This is my way of thanking you guys for hanging around through all the political stuff.  I appreciate it!

Here’s how it’s gonna work;

1. In the comments section below, write out a short voicemail script that can work for a guy or a girl.  A generic message.

2. Now look at the others and vote up the ones you like (not your own).

3. At the end of November, I will select the top two (based on the votes and what tickles me).  Also, one of the winners will also tell me what other scene in RE5 they would like an out-takes spoof done of.  I will try to have it all done before Christmas.

Sound good?  Cool… What are you waiting for?  Write a voicemail script!

[These voicemails will be free and no permission is given to resell them.  Charity donations are only requested.  I cannot perform custom messages for a fee as I do not own the rights to the character.  And I can’t do them for free because I have a busy schedule.]


The Albert Wesker VoiceMail Greetings winners and their downloadable files are located here:
Albert Wesker Answers Your Phone For Charity

And the new parody video is here:
Albert Wesker Caught On Camera

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