Hunter X Hunter Interview

Hunter X Hunter Interview

“Hunter X Hunter” fans should be sure to get the Season 6 Blue Ray set. In addition to the episodes, you get some fun cast interviews! Here’s mine, talking about playing the conflicted Shoot McMahon.

Huge thanks to Bang Zoom and Viz Media for casting me in this classic!


Hi, I’m DC Douglas and I am Shoot McMahon on Hunter x Hunter. My opportunity will be on their way home. I will defeat them.

Absolutely not. That’s the problem is I’m a nerd in nerd culture. I don’t know, it’s like I stumble into these projects and I go, so what is this about after I’ve already started voicing it? And then I start learning and then I go to conventions and meet fans and then they school me very quickly. So that’s kind of like how I learn it. So I’m really, I’m ashamed, I’m sorry. So I learned it as I started to get into it. But before then had never really heard of it. But I love.

I love being part of the anime community, so I was very excited when I got the role because he’s such a cool character.

I get me because I didn’t know the show before I wasn’t I actually like it when it gets like that What I really love is that apparently that that that’s about this arc is that it that it surprised a lot of other people But I think the arc before this was also very mild in comparison So I like that I’m in something that’s standing out even among the the entire all the episodes and whatnot

That’s the philosophical problem with them is that is nature evil? The nature is actually fairly neutral. And so it is their natural process. Of course, the downside is that the human being is probably the most destructive of all the animals. And that opens up a whole other door to being evil if they so choose. So yeah, so no, I see them as just being that’s just what nature does.

Well, what’s funny is because a lot of times we kind of like hit the ground running really fast and sometimes we run a little too fast and we miss certain things. And I actually had to re-voice shoot the first couple episodes because he was a little too confident and then realized, oh, where his art goes, like, ah, let’s go back and let’s start again. And so, I mean, we weren’t that far into it, but it was interesting to all of a sudden completely shift my perception of what his character was going to be.

Shoot McMahon is very faint of heart. You always want to play a character that’s got conflict. And boy does he have conflict. And also, I actually identify a lot with him because I don’t want to hurt people. But if you have to rise to the occasion, then you’re going to have to hurt people. So it’s a lovely conflict for him to have. Yeah, I like him. I like him. I love him.

I mean in voicing him it was nice to work with a little more subtlety because a lot of times in animes there are very broad characters the kind of ones that I get because I’ve got such a low voice and whatnot so I get these guys, let’s tear it up, you know, oh sorry, but that kind of thing and so this was nice to have to play a lot more subtleties with the characters so as an actor it was…

in doing anime, that was a new experience for me. And so I think I learned a little bit that way. As far as like character wise, I never learned anything from my characters. I like to make my own mistakes.

He’s actually really cool. He’s very impetuous, emotional, passionate, loves animals. I mean, there’s everything’s wonderful about him and he’s also a little bit of an idiot. And he’s voiced beautifully. I really love, I think it’s a lovely duo.

I don’t think I’m completely, maybe I am completely done. But it may be the last episodes that I’ve recorded. It was the last episodes I recorded, maybe the last of this arc, I’m not sure. But it’s after the fight. You should know, I take no pleasure at all in hurting people.

That’s precisely why I chose an ability that only activates whenever damage is inflicted. It causes me to be more selective. I only use it on those I don’t mind hurting. So there’s a lot of combination of emotional regret, but physical pain. Um, and, uh, there’s just really some lovely dialogue moments and also even actually.

because we did two episodes in one session, I think. And there’s the other one too, where he has this wonderful speech rising to the occasion. So it was written beautifully. So that would be those last two episodes I recorded. Absolutely.

gourmet hunter. Because I want to travel and I want to eat. And then I would use Chute’s ability to remove my stomach or at least all the fat in me and put it somewhere else so it doesn’t show up.

Thanks for watching Hunter Hunter and for being so cool when I meet you guys at conventions. Shoot thanks you.