D.C. Douglas Reviews: Voice Over Service & On-Camera

D.C. Douglas recording voice over and acting on-camera


I have hired DC on multiple occasions. If you are looking for “The Voice” look no further. DC is incredibly easy to work with and always nails what we are looking for the first time! I would highly recommend DC Douglas for any voice over work.
– Paul Smith, Steelhaus Tech

A fantastic talent and great to work with!
– Garrett Biggs

DC is a very diverse voice talent. From characters, trailers and spots, to telephone greetings, and more. He just flat out delivers the goods. You can NOT go wrong with DC.
– Anthony Reece

DC Douglas understands what we need for our voice overs that are currently implemented on our web-site – www.realadvice.com. A true professional who delivers the message the way it is meant to be and easily understood by all. A pleasure to work with this true professional.
– Patrick P. Palmieri

D.C. usess his brain. He understands the details of a project and addresses them systematically. He’s not affraid to ask questions and he understands the answers. He is easy to get along, with smart and gets the whatever he’s working on DONE! You gotta love him.
– Ben Malone

Working with DC was a breeze. We worked on a 52 week audio course together where we sent him the files and he recorded it at his studio and sent us a private link where we could download the file. Very professional and extremely easy to work with. Beyond his professionalism his voice is what made the product. 
– Andy Coon

DC brings out the best in a piece of copy. He has an uncanny knack for giving that extra oomph that we are all searching for in our advertising pieces. I highly recommend DC. He’s a jewel of a VO talent and his sense of humor will keep you rolling!
– VOplanet.com

I have hired DC on multiple occasions. DC is incredibly easy to work with and always nails what we are looking for the first time! I would highly recommend DC Douglas for any voice over work.
– Paul Smith


Douglas reels in the MVP performance here, playing the ultra-hammy Dr. Perseco…

…with top honors going to D.C. Douglas, who’s got real screen presence.

I have to single out D.C. Douglas… Douglas does an outstanding job, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

No one has more fun in the film than D.C. Douglas… he revels in the role, stealing every scene…

Easily the best performance here is from D.C. Douglas, who played the late night Svengali-like host, Dr. Perseco… An all-around great character, Douglas was great here.
Jiggy’s Horror Corner

Stealing the show is Douglas’s self and compulsively obsessed Adrian… He’s funny and scary as a killer who just wants to be recognized for the work that he does. The lengths he is willing to go to achieve notoriety provide some of the film’s best moments.

D.C. Douglas as The Red Harvest Killer is the best by a mile. His Adrian is equal parts charismatic, natty, pragmatic, and psychotic, with a temper that can turn on a dime and a willingness to direct that temper at anyone who crosses him. It’s an electrifying performance.
– DVDVerdict.com

DC Douglas gives a nice creepy performance as the OCD Red Harvest Killer.
– HorrorHotHouseReview.com

D.C. Douglas is not a stranger to being a creepy guy. But as Adrian… he ups the ante in an American Psycho performance with a Dexter twist.

D.C. Douglas as Adrian is particularly fun to watch as he slithers from conversation to conversation, totally convincing as a smug psychopath.

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