Who The Hell Is D.C. Douglas?

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The following biography of D.C. Douglas is written in the third person to add class and weight. Imagine Joseph Cotton narrating it… When he was alive… And a bit hipper.

DC was born in Berkeley during the Summer of Foreplay to a liberal/artist mother and a conservative/salesman father. The DNA war was won by his esoteric Grandfather and burlesque dancing grandmothers’ genes.

DC Douglas SJCMT circa 1978D.C. used his family “acting chromosome” to make creative excuses for his dismal grades. He was then sent to study at the San Jose Music/Arts Institute and perform with the San Jose Children’s Musical Theatre, as well as other San Francisco Bay Area theatre companies during the late ’70s and early ’80s… This didn’t really help his grades.

City of Angels

DC in Magic Time at Estelle Harman Actors Workshop circa 1988He slid down to L.A. in 1985. After studying under (the late, great) Estelle Harman, D.C. co-created the cynical improv troupe, Section Eight and was a member of the critically acclaimed Theatre of NOTE. He continued acting in the L.A. theatre scene, as well as film & TV, throughout the ’90s. In 1992, he launched Hit The Fan Productions in an effort to create inspiring theatre and film projects that would deplete his savings. This worked.

In 1996, he was cast in a small role on the NBC pilot, Boston Common. The producers (of Will & Grace fame) liked his quirky versatility on-camera (and his loud laugh off-camera at the network run-thru) that he returned for 10 more episodes as the anal and humorless “D.C.”

That same year he received critical praise for his performance in Falling Words, his first film short. He followed that with The Eighth Plane, an anti-Scientology gangster film short and Freud and Darwin Sitting in a Tree, a first cousin coitus short. (His 2005 film short, Duck, Duck, GOOSE!, played over 25 festivals internationally and received Best Short from the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and Best Actor from the Trenton Film Festival…aaahhh, Jersey.)

His 6th film short under his Hit-The-Fan Productions banner, The Crooked Eye (starring Fay Masterson and Academy Award winner Linda hunt) played over 20 film festivals, received awards and glowing reviews, and is was available on iTunes for many years. Now available here!

Along the way he amassed 100+ film and television credits.


D.C. also pimps out his vocal chords to make mortgage payments. Recent credits include a national campaign for ExperianNespresso, Total Wireless, GEICO (oy vey), voice matching Kevin Spacey for Fred Clause and Guy Pierce for Factory Girl, as well as voicing dozens of video game characters: The Master in Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, AWACS in Ace Combat 6 and Albert Wesker in 9 games, from 2007’s Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and 2009’s Resident Evil 5 to Teppen in 2019 (the only actor in the RE franchise to voice a character that long). He gave voice to the Geth as Legion in Mass Effect 2 & 3, yelled  a lot on Regular Show as Colonel Rawls, and won hearts on the kids cartoon series, Transformers: Rescue Bots.

In 2013 his voice over and on-camera career merged when fans of his Albert Wesker performance in the Resident Evil video game series cast him in a lead role in their futuristic sci-fi film, Apocalypse Kiss.  D.C. altered his appearance as a nod to his fictional video game character.

DC Douglas at convention2014 saw D.C.’s Notorious [Zombie Related] Erotic FanFic Show become THE panel to see at anime/videogame cons – quickly garnering the attention of [redacted] lawyers. And his appearance in yet another sequel added to his quirky credentials: Sharknado 2 on SyFy.

In 2017, D.C. convinced the producers behind Sharknado to put him in Z Nation for a few episodes, as well as produce a Resident Evil homage film for SyFy – Isle of the Dead.

D.C. Douglas joins Star Wars canon as RayvisIn 2022 D.C. ended his long running Notorious [Zombie Related] Erotic FanFic Show with a SRO crowd at Dragon*Con, coinciding with the  hanging up his Wesker shades.

2023 brought Star Wars Jedi fans D.C. as the big, bad-ass Gen’Dai, Rayvis.

A Gadfly in The Political Arena

In 2010 he ran into a little trouble with the Tea Party which led to a YouTube hobby – now known as Tweaked Nipple Productions. Recent videos include his Burn A Koran Day video (posted by The Huffington Post) and his Why #OccupyWallStreet? video (aired on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and posted on the MoveOn.org website).

In November, 2011, D.C. Douglas tweeted out a quote from a Tower Heist Q & A at the ArcLight Hollywood where Brett Ratner made a disparaging remark about homosexuals. The Hollywood Reporter subsequently reported Douglas’ tweet as the beginning of a controversy which led to Ratner stepping down from the 2012 Oscars. No, we did not make this up! Oh, and he’s been blocked by Donald Trump on twitter. Go figure.

For the first half of the Trump idiocy/presidency, he wrote, produced, edited and voiced an internet cartoon: Breaking News: Fake Trump Cartoons! with über talented artist, Rachael Leone. The second half involved trying to survive the hellscape known as 2020-2021 .

He credits Carl Spiegelberg, Barbara Gill and Estelle Harman with helping him create the career he has today… Hopefully they don’t take too much offense.