Egg Nog Intolerant

Egg Nog Intolerant

Its that time of year again when people write “It’s that time of year again…” and then follow it up with every concept Madison Avenue subliminally and persistently injected into the reasoning centers of our brains throughout the 20th century.  But I’m not an activist “Humbug” freak, either.  Peace on Earth?  I’m down for that.  Good will toward Man?  Sure, throw in animals, what the hell.  Shop till you drop?  That’s when I make plans to run off to an island — literally.

As you read this auto-posted blog entry, I’ll be on a beach in the Dominican Republic with my lady and a few friends and their kids.  The only gift I spent time assembling was a music video for said kids.  Everyone in my life knows I love them as I am a Berkeley sap who can’t keep a good feeling down, or in.  So, buying “things” because it’s the season to clear out 2009 inventory doesn’t have much appeal for me.

I do like being creative when inspiration hits, though, and if it coincides with a Pagan-plundered holiday, I’ll slap the “X-Mas gift” label on it.  Why not?  So, that’s what I have to share with you today!  A  music video inspired by my good friends Ben and Kathleen’s eight year old boy.   This first “making of” video helps set-up the this “gift”.

Intriguing, no?  After the song was completed, I began a three day feverish rush to photoshop and composite a slap-dash and quirky video.  Now, the video does have some inside jokes, but the overall message is there for all to see and, upon reflection, implement into their daily lives…

Some use psychedelics…  Some use meditation…  I use snorkeling, man…  If you liked that, you should check out our other 2d music video from the same creative team – Eighties Man!!!

Now, if snorkeling in your mind was a little too silly for you because you’re such a big ol’ grown-up with more important things on your mind then in it, how about a little Tea-Bagging sarcasm?  Below is a fun voice over I performed for Media Matters.

Yes, he is a clown in the spotlight, but dangerous background noise…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this silly [insert holiday] post.  Now if you don’t mind, I have to go snorkel in mine.

May your winter ritual be fulfilling and your New Years — wildly decadent.

See you in 2010!