Daytime Soaps: D.C. Douglas

ACTOR: I've been bold and beautiful... But the days of our lives are usually spent getting botox.

D.C. Douglas Image - acting page 1 e1715590861884Soap acting usually gets a bad rap for being overly emotional and, well, operatic. After having filled in as “that average looking guy who helped to nominally move the plot along but is otherwise personality-less,” I have witnessed these contract players at work. They’re pretty amazing.
They get up at 5 am, have a two page monologue thrown at them while in make-up and then they’re on-camera an hour later crying on cue over the most ridiculous things. That’s freakin’ impressive! (Though I can cry on-cue, too. It’s when I think of the career I could’ve had… Hold me.)

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DC met Cady McClain in acting school in ’86. He wanted to date her but she was 17 and her mom was at every rehearsal.