6 Steps To Hiring A Hollywood Pro Voice Over



➊ Casting / Hiring Process:

“Do you mail your mouth via FedEx? I don’t get it.”
Good question, my sarcastic friend. Let me break it down for the folks at home.

Hiring a voiceover professional (that would be me) is quite easy. After you’ve been warmed up by watching The Sizzle Reel™ and other playlists, just follow these steps:

Write your script and email it to me along with any voice direction.

 Tell me what your budget is for the voiceover. (Be brave, I can take it!)

 I record it, post it online (mp3 and wav or aif) and email you a link to an APPROVAL / INVOICE PAGE.

 You approve the voiceover by clicking on the PAY INVOICE button on your APPROVAL / INVOICE PAGE.

 You’re automatically sent to your DOWNLOAD PAGE to claim your artistically arranged audio vibrations!

 We rejoice at the simplicity of it all!


I am also available for Southern California studios, ISDN and Phone Patch sessions.

➋ Voiceover Questions:

Like I always say, “Question authority and voiceover guys with websites, man!”

“Where do you record?”
I come over to your house. Usually early. Please have coffee and fruit loops ready for me. {TAKE 2} I record in my home studio here in Los Angeles. For you nerdy types, I usually use an AKG414 mic, Presonus amp and edit in ProTools on a sexy Apple computer. There are other goodies involved, but they’re trade secrets.

“Aren’t you union?”
I’m Financial Core which means I work both union and non-union. Union jobs are handled through my Los Angeles agent. If you’d like to take your project union, go here.

“Are you expensive?”
Said the politician to the — oops, never mind. It’s actually all relative. Best thing to do is email your script and VO budget to me. More times than not, your budget will work.

“Will you audition?”
Do you know who I am?! The nerve…. Absolutely! Just ask. Audition audio files are posted online and locked. They can only be listened to via my website.

“What about retakes?”
Re-takes are free. I aim to please. There’s a small fee for rewrites after delivery. After 7 days, it becomes a new job.

“How do I write my script?”
Put in an explosion or car chase within the first two pages. {TAKE 2} Spell phonetically any technical/regional names or words in your script. Please note: humans read faster than they talk. Read it aloud and time it to see if you like it spoken that fast. Also, re-read that last sentence.

“Yo! Didn’t I see you on TV?”
To be honest, I’m not sure what shows you watch. 😉 I do have a whole other on-camera career.




Using D.C. Douglas’ voiceover service is as easy as using a cliche about easiness.

Hire a Human – Not AI

When it comes to voice-over work, hiring a human voice actor like D.C. Douglas offers several advantages over using AI voice clones. While AI technology has made significant strides in recent years, it still lacks the nuance, emotion, and authenticity that a skilled human voice actor can bring to a project.

One of the primary benefits of hiring a human voice actor is their ability to interpret and deliver scripts with genuine emotion and intent. Voice actors like Douglas have years of experience and training in understanding the subtleties of a script and conveying the appropriate tone, inflection, and pacing to engage the audience. They can add depth and personality to the words, creating a more compelling and memorable performance that resonates with listeners.

In contrast, AI voice clones, while capable of producing clear and consistent speech, often lack the emotional range and authenticity that a human voice can provide. They may sound robotic or monotonous, failing to capture the subtle variations and inflections that make a voice-over feel natural and engaging.

Moreover, human voice actors can collaborate with directors, producers, and clients to take feedback and make adjustments to their performance in real-time. They can adapt to changes in direction or emphasis, ensuring that the final product aligns with the project’s goals and vision. With AI voice clones, making such adjustments can be time-consuming and require additional programming and fine-tuning.

Another advantage of working with human voice actors is their ability to bring a unique personality and style to a project. Voice actors like Douglas have a distinct sound and delivery that can help establish a strong brand identity and create a memorable impression on the audience. By associating a specific human voice with a brand or campaign, companies can foster a stronger emotional connection with their target audience, increasing brand recognition and loyalty.

In summary, while AI voice clones have their place in certain applications, the benefits of hiring a skilled human voice actor like D.C. Douglas for voice-over work are clear. The emotional depth, authenticity, and collaborative nature of working with a human voice actor can elevate a project and create a more engaging and impactful final product. As businesses and content creators seek to connect with their audiences on a deeper level, the value of human voice talent cannot be overstated. — TSG Management