Short Films Library: D.C. Douglas

ACTOR: Take your shoes off and relax. it's like tik-tok but with more of a plot.

D.C. Douglas Image - acting page 1 e1715590861884So you have a lot of time to kill? Enjoy these suckers! Film shorts are called shorts because the producers were usually short on time, money, or talent (myself included)! But I have been lucky enough over the years to work with talented people… Some of whom still speak to me.
There is plenty here to tickle your sensibilities and a few fancies. From comedy to drama to “what the hell…?”
FUN GAME: See if you can figure out which one of these films actually paid me! (Hint? It was only one. Yeah, indie film shorts, baby…)

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DC is always the tallest actor in a short film.. Okay, this is a lie.