Short Films Library: D.C. Douglas

So you have a lot of time to kill? Enjoy these suckers! Film shorts are called shorts because the producers were usually short on time, money, or talent (myself included)! But I have been lucky enough over the years to work with talented people… Some of whom still speak to me.
There is plenty here to tickle your sensibilities and a few fancies. From comedy to drama to “what the hell…?”
FUN GAME: See if you can figure out which one of these films actually paid me! (Hint? It was only one. Yeah, indie film shorts, baby…)
DC is always the tallest actor in a short film.. Okay, this is a lie.

Film Shorts: D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas, a versatile actor and voice artist, has also made significant contributions to the world of independent film through his work as a writer, producer, and director. Over the years, he has created a diverse collection of short films that showcase his storytelling abilities, creative vision, and passion for the craft.

“Ginger & Snapper” (2016) is another example of Douglas’ ability to blend comedy and drama. The short film tells the story of two unlikely friends navigating the complexities of life and relationships. Douglas’ writing and direction bring depth and nuance to the characters, creating a memorable and engaging viewing experience.

With “Flower Power” (2012), Douglas takes viewers on a psychedelic journey through the 1960s. The short film is a visually stunning and thought-provoking exploration of the era’s cultural and political landscape, showcasing Douglas’ ability to create immersive and impactful stories.

“The Crooked Eye” (2009) is a haunting and atmospheric short film that demonstrates Douglas’ skill in crafting suspenseful and emotionally resonant narratives. The film’s subtle performances and eerie visuals create a sense of unease that lingers long after the final credits roll.

In “Bling” (2007), Douglas once again showcases his comedic abilities while also offering a satirical take on consumerism and materialism. The short film’s clever writing and strong performances make it a standout in Douglas’ body of work.

“Duck, Duck, GOOSE!” (2005) is a hilarious and irreverent short film that highlights Douglas’ talent for physical comedy and absurdist humor. The film’s fast-paced, slapstick style is sure to leave audiences laughing from start to finish.

“Billy Makes The Cut” (2003) and “Ga-Ga” (2003) are two more examples of Douglas’ early work as a writer, producer, and director. Both short films showcase his ability to create engaging characters and tell compelling stories within the constraints of the short film format.

“The Pitch” (2002) offers a humorous and insightful look at the world of advertising and the creative process behind it. Douglas’ writing and direction bring a sharp wit and keen observational eye to the subject matter.

In “Freud and Darwin Sitting In A Tree” (2000), Douglas explores the complex relationship between two of history’s most influential thinkers. The short film is a thought-provoking and entertaining examination of the nature of genius and the human condition.

“de Lelijke Amerikaan” (1999), “Just Add Water” (1998), and “The Eighth Plane” (1998) are three more examples of Douglas’ early work as a filmmaker. These short films showcase his versatility as a storyteller and his ability to create engaging and memorable characters.

Finally, “Falling Words” (1996) marks Douglas’ debut as a writer, producer, and director. The short film is a testament to his passion for the craft and his determination to bring his creative vision to life on screen.

Through his diverse body of work, D.C. Douglas has established himself as a talented and versatile filmmaker in the world of independent short films. His ability to craft engaging stories, create memorable characters, and tackle a wide range of subjects and genres is a testament to his skill and dedication to the art of filmmaking. As he continues to create and share his work with audiences, Douglas’ contributions to the world of independent film are sure to leave a lasting impact. — TSG Management