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VOICE OVER: Hire affordable brand voice talent monthly


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Looking for the perfect voice over at the last minute?

I gotchu, boo.

Imagine having a voice that not only knows your brand sound but also delivers broadcast-quality recordings with a quick turnaround. From a one month trial to year-long partnerships, I can tailor a retainer to fit your corporate needs and budget.

Advertising Agencies and Marketers: Do your campaigns demand regular updates? Our voice over retainer ensures your ads, social media promotions, and commercial tags are always fresh and engaging.

Real Estate Professionals: Take your property walk-throughs to the next level with professional voice overs that captivate potential buyers and set your listings apart.

Automotive Dealerships: Drive sales with dynamic voice overs that highlight new features and promotions, keeping your dealership’s offerings exciting and up-to-date.

Healthcare Organizations: Communicate effectively with patients and staff through clear and comforting voice overs, perfect for instructional videos and patient education.

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When you opt for my retainer service, you’re not just hiring a voice; you’re partnering with a seasoned professional known for work in blockbuster franchises like “Mass Effect,” “Resident Evil,” “Star Wars,” and “Transformers.” (I was going to mention “Sharknado but I didn’t wanna push it.)

Beyond the Hollywood sexiness, my voice has helped enhance national campaigns for major brands like GEICO, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes, as well as corporate giants such as Oracle and Microsoft.

Flexibility: Choose from 1 (trial), 3, 6, or 12-month retainers based on your project needs and budget.

Predictability: Knowing what you’re spending every month for professional voice over can free up your marketing department’s imagination.

Consistency: With regular engagements, I become more attuned to your brand’s voice, delivering consistent results that resonate with your audience.

Speed: Operating from my broadcast-quality studio in Los Angeles, I guarantee a 24-hour turnaround or same day turnarounds, depending on your needs.

Quality: My experience spans 30 years in various industries and media, ensuring that your content is not just heard but remembered.

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Unlike teeth retainers, voice over retainers don’t get slimy.