Free Online Movies, Because I Care…

Free Online Movies, Because I Care…

Times are tough and movie tickets are expensive.  Younger folks who troll the internet while wearing their Guy Fawkes masks need a place where they can get their entertainment fix without having to twist their ethics into pro-piracy pretzels.  A place that SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA might leave alone…

Ah, hell.  YouTube changed my account to a preferred status and now I can upload long-ass videos, alright?!

Yes, good news for me, you and pirates!  For the last 24 hours I have been uploading my back catalogue of film shorts ranging from 1995 to 2005!

Here they are.  The full films.  For free.  All you have to do is STOP ACTA.

Falling Words (1995)

My first film short was inspired by a girl I fell in love with… who was afraid of me.  Or so I thought.  She had a boyfriend and I had no morals.  We met while working on a play where I played Beethoven’s nephew who was obsessed with a girl while reading Sorrows of Young Werther, which is about a boy who was obsessed with a girl.  To get into character, I obsessed on this girl.  Not sure where the idea came from.

On closing night, as we finished our two hour tender hug outside the theatre, we were robbed at knife-point by a gang.  She lost her “promise” ring.  I lost my dignity. Then we lost contact.  I couldn’t get her out of my mind for over a year.

Then, one day I was driving through Beverly Hills and I saw her convertible in front of me, her beautiful hair trailing in the wind.  I didn’t speed up to her, but just naturally cruised up to her.  She glanced in her mirror and saw me, then made a swift turn and sped up a side street like a maniac.  Had I become “that guy” for her?  Time to write a film short.

(We did meet up years later and laughed about the whole thing.  She ended up with a high-powered Hollywood player who could snuff out my meager career with a phone call… so they’ll both remain nameless.)

Not sure you wanna commit to 18 minutes?  Watch the trailer.

It also features Jason Oliver (Stand By Me) and Chayse Dacoda (While You Were Out).

Made for $5000.  You pay nada, baby!

The Eighth Plane (1998)

This baby started out as a way for three out of (film/tv) work actors to be creative.  It was a group effort, from story idea to directing.  It was Inspired by an LA Weekly article about Scientology’s attempt to saturate search engine results with pro-Scientology mirror sites due to the illegal release of the Fishman Papers.

Of course, Scientology was suing everybody then and we got a little chicken shit.  We decided to parallel all the whackadoodle esoterica of the Operating Thetans with alternate verbiage…  But then couldn’t resist throwing in a bumper sticker when we were on set.

Not sure you wanna commit to 24 minutes?  Watch the trailer.

Made for $8000.  You pay zilch, baby!

Freud and Darwin Sitting in a Tree (2000)

To tell you the inspiration for this comedy would be to spoil the plot and weird-out some of my readers.  Let’s just say social taboos and family dysfunction are blended together for some stimulating mayhem.

Not sure you wanna commit to 27 minutes?  Watch the trailer.

This also features Chayse Dacoda once again, as well as Delaina Mitchell (Vanilla Sky), Jamie Donahue (The Dead Hate Living) and the late, great Pamela Gordon (Chuck & Buck, Weird Science).

Made for $7000.  You pay bupkis, baby!

Duck, Duck, GOOSE! (2005)

Now, this here is a big deal because I still sell it via Amazon.  But after loading up the other movies and seeing how some Facebook fans were watching them and actually enjoying them I decided this film really deserves an audience.

Seriously, this one I’m very proud of.

We started this as a possible video project for YouTube and ended up making a 20 minute Super 16mm film that played over 20 festivals worldwide and won several awards.

Not sure you wanna commit to 20 minutes?  Watch the trailer.

This features Robin Daléa (Real Girls Guide), Bryan Cuprill (Supernatural, The Jadagrace Show, Accidentally On Purpose), Dan Butler (Frasier) and Michael Cade (California Dreams, Chaplin).

Made for $20,000.  You pay zip, baby!

The Crooked Eye (2009)

This one, however, I am not uploading for another 2 years as it’s being sold via iTunes.  I spent 4 years on it and it is, by far, the best thing I have ever done in my film short journey.

iTunes • Amazon • FilmThreat Review

Made for $40,000.  You pay $2.99.  Is that fair, Anonymous?

So, if you watch my 4 free film shorts in a row, that’s about the same as watching a 90 minute movie.  Granted, the production value and acting (yes, mine, too) have evolved over the years, but there is enough goodness in these flicks to please many of you.

And if you like any of them, please pass the link on to a friend!  An audience is all I ever really wanted.


Now, do the right thing and help stop ACTA.  Learn more HERE.

… And, yes, these films are copyrighted.  😉