God Save The Burger King!

God Save The Burger King!

Last week I booked a radio spot for Burger King through the lovely folks at Voicecaster and went into Big Joe’s studio in Santa Monica to record.  It turned into two very fun spots.  I worked with Susie Geiser (who is a geiser of energy!) and we got to improv a bit, parodying “Fox and Friends.”  [One of the spots can be heard here on my Facebook page.]  At the end of the session they said we’d be back Monday to record “a few” more.

Well, today I went into Lime Studios in Santa Monica and they handed us TWELVE spots!  Yes, God save the BK!  It’s these kinds of voice over surprises I LOVE!

On a side note, when I arrived I thought I saw a familiar face there (perhaps a fellow Abrams Artist client) and I cheerily said “hi” as I never can remember names or where I know someone from, but figure I can never go wrong being overly friendly. (Yes,  a horrible defect for an actor.)  I realized quickly it was Joel McKinnon Miller from HBO’s “Big Love” and apologized for being friendly and turned my back on him… Yup.  It then hit me that this was probably the wrong way to wrap up the moment.  I turned back quickly, apologized for apologizing and then proceeded to be an annoying fan of the show…

Turns out he was in 10 of the spots with us!  Had a great time working off of both him and the amazing Susie.

So, keep an ear out for the BK spots…

… Ahhhh.  My first real post.  Not too painful.