Jackpot, Baby!

Jackpot, Baby!

Okay, not really.  It’s just a single radio spot for the Colorado Lottery.  But, it was quite fun.  They seem to have very creative radio ads and I think (?) this is the first one I’ve booked with them, maybe the second.

The session was held at an old business acquaintance of mine – Michael Klinger’s’ Tree Falls Sound in the aptly named Studio City.  His company used to be located across the driveway from Planet Video – an actor demo reel company I co-founded with Eric Cotsen’s money and permission in 1995 (okay, I was his assistant and I talked him into it so I could have a different job – something better than buying him Sees candy and shopping at Sharper Image for his nose hair trimmer with laser pointer and butt-plug — yes, he was a unique boss).

Anyway (I’m such an “asides” whore), it was nice to go into his studio knowing that I no longer had a “survival job” – a goal I had at 35.  I didn’t want to be 40 and still doing something unrelated to my student loans!

Colorado lottery The session was lovely, as well.  An ISDN session with folks at Cactus Advertising in Colorado.  Sounded like the room was full of people, which can be scary.  Everyone usually has an opinion and false direction they want to try out!  But these folks were clear, direct and very pleasant.  Hope I work with them again in the future!

Here’s the spot we recorded.  Enjoy…