How Would You Like Your Boobs?

How Would You Like Your Boobs?

How would you like your boobs? I have two options for you, kids!

Alpha House

The first kind would be gratuitous ones in a screwball comedy from Asylum Films in which I star as the archetypical uptight school administrator. It’s called “Alpha House” and requires you to use your love of gratuitous boobs to fuel your clicking finger… That sentence was constructed without any innuendo intended. But now that it’s there… Ah, what the hell. Just means you have to actively search it out through your mouse or remote.

The film was directed by Jacob Cooney, written by Cooney and Brandon Trenz (loved these guys) and stars two very talented newcomers – Julien Bensimhon and Chris O’Brien.Β It’s an Asylum Film which means it was made with a small budget and an insane pre-production/shoot schedule. That being said, turn off your mind and enjoy the silliness.

If you’d like to see “Alpha House,” you can buy the DVD from Amazon, CD Universe and Family Video. If you prefer streaming, it should be available as Video On Demand through Dish, DirectTV, Time Warner, Amazon and Google. It’s being released today, but may take a week or two to show up everywhere.



Now, if you like your boobs to be more political in nature, then be sure to catch me on “NCIS” March 25th on CBS. The episode is “Crescent City” Pt 1 and has a few surprise guest stars and a few scenes with me. I’d say more but they are very hush-hush about this episode…

Apocalypse kiss

If you like your boobs with blonde hair and a tan, then you will have to wait for my special post about “Apocalypse Kiss” and it’s release on April 8th.

A & G 7

And, finally (yes, feeling weird about all these boobs), if you like to see your boobs in person, I have potentially 14 cons coming up this year! More news on these as soon as I get confirmation on a few more. Next up, though, is A & G 7 on the Kentucky/Ohio border… Where you can see this: