My Bloody Acting Career

My Bloody Acting Career

It’s that time of year, my little pumpkins, when the rest of the country dabbles in acting.  Though they’re strictly indie producers, working non-union and without a full crew.  Hell, they only get a one or two night run without a stage or studio and no distribution or residuals.  But they do get lots of candy!  (Or lots of alcohol and some nookie for the older ones!)

Oddly, it’s the one time of year I don’t want to act.  In recent years, I had reduced any costume down to small flesh colored horns I would glue on.  Boring, you say?  Sublime, I say.  After all, no need to be Dracula.  How can I top being “over the top” with my 7-11 coffee voice over?  And no need to be Vincent Price or Hannibal Lecter since I already mashed those personas for a Six Flags thrill ride radio spot!

In fact, this year I think I’ll rest on my horns, er, laurels.  No need to seek out any frights for myself (I can just read John McCain’s Internet Freedom Act legislation!).

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to share some frights with you (I’m a giver, after all).  So, how about a trip to the dentist?  I give you my best Halloween performance in recent years (the uncut version, so beware…).  666: The Child, starring BooBoo Stewart and produced by that cult film factory Asylum Films.

Open wide and say “Ahhhhhh, that was special!”

Happy Halloween…