My Career Now Running On 50/30

My Career Now Running On 50/30

As much as I tried, I couldn’t stop it. On February 2nd I hit 50 years of age and 30 years in Los Angeles as an actor. I believe this means I qualify for a years supply of Lee Press-On Nailsβ„’!

In fact, I did actually win a year’s supply of Lee Press-On Nailsβ„’ back in 1987 when I lost on the game show “Win, Lose or draw!” My partners were Ned Beatty and Martin Sheen. That same year I was also cast in Earl Boen’s dinner show murder mystery playing a murderer hiding in drag – where I could use those nails! So, technically I “lost,” but with those partners and luscious press-on nails, I was more than a winner!

murder by night dc douglas

The tape of that show is lost to history. But as my birthday approached I kept thinking of what old videos I did still have on VHS. That began a week long #DCTurns50 assault on my twitter and FaceBook fans. (It was also WAY easier than mounting another cabaret show like I did for my 40th!)

So, for those of you who missed all the hashtag glory, here they are all… Remember, these were things I didn’t want anyone to see (with a few exceptions) so don’t feel obligated to watch them all the way though… Or half way through… Or at all, really. I’m 50 so I’m cranky.

This is really the only one you need to see:

Now STOP here and go see my good work! … Or continue at your own risk…