NCIS Investigates The Tan Man

NCIS Investigates The Tan Man

It always amazes me how fast my scenes on TV shows fly by since they feel so much longer at the auditions and filming them. But my NCIS has come and gone. And if you missed me, fret no more, child. Here it is (including the lovely graphics CBS threw up over my best line after the commercial break!):

Wondering why I look like a brown crayon? I decided I wanted to be a very tan lobbyist who spends more time on golf courses. Didn’t realize just how tan I had gotten in a week! The local salon has an amazing tanning bed. But I use it sparingly for certain roles since old age leprosy is so 1970’s.

Though this post is just to share the scenes, I will relate one moment from the set that I enjoyed thoroughly:

We were setting up the third scene and they had to figure out how one actually plays Go Fish. The director, Scott Bakula and Mark Harmon were hysterical as they fumbled through logic and their respective memories of how to do it. I finally chimed in, why don’t you guys play Hold ’em like real men?

Scott Bakula just stared me down… Yeah, it was a fun day.