Transformers, Cons, Disney & The Apocalypse

Transformers, Cons, Disney & The Apocalypse

A Summer Update

I have a love letter post I’d like to write about Earl Boen as well as a two part high school LSD story. But, alas, I have been traveling so much this year I haven’t had the time.  (Earl just breathed a sigh of relief, as did my old high school pals.)

Though I do want to share a couple of things I think y’all might dig!

Transformers Goodbye

Sadly, we wrapped recording of our 2nd season of “Transformers: Rescue Bots” a few weeks ago and won’t know if we get any kind of 3rd season for at least 6 months to a year from now.

But we did have a fantastic wrap party at my house last week!  I would’ve invited you, but then it would be crowded and my deck would collapse and we’d be on the local nightly news with some cheesy title like “Breaking News: Rescue Bots transform deck to rubble, can’t rescue themselves!” – you know the drill.

So, instead, here’s a quick glimpse from early in the evening:

On the bright side, most of the cast will reunite on June 29th in San Diego for BotCon!  If you’re in the area, come see us!

The Apocalypse Is Coming

Many of you know about the sci-fi indie flick I filmed earlier this year (if not, check out this “revealing” blog post).  Well, the first official trailer is out!


Upcoming Video Games

I’m often asked what upcoming video games I’ll be voicing characters in.  And I always say, thanks to the NDAs I sign, I cannot confirm nor deny… etc etc.

However, E3 just wrapped up last week and there are a few trailers I thought you guys might like… Just because they seem neat… That’s all… Not implying anything…

The Disney Dad

This week I become a dad once again for Disney XD’s “Kickin’ It!”  Only this character is more my true nature… I’d give other details but they are even MORE tight-lipped about things than video game companies…

My episode should air in a few months… I’ll let ya know!

My Florida Tour

And last, I resume my love affair with Florida anime and videogame cons!  First up is Florida SuperCon (July 4-7) in Miami and my first ever “erotic Wesker” panel. (UPDATE: It was created and flourished and ended after 7 years. Watch the final show here.)

Then it’s MetroCon in Tampa (July 26-28)!  Family oriented con so only my regular Q & A panel.

Then it’s Anime Festival Orlando (August 16-18)!  Yes, Florida loves me!  And it’s mutual.

One day other states may decide to book me!

* * * *

Sorry for this hit-and-run post, but I didn’t want my 3 readers to think I was neglecting them! 😉

I’ll be back with more carefully crafted inanity soon.  Until then, love the one you’re with.