“Universal Remote” And Your TV

“Universal Remote” And Your TV

If you like your comedy marinated in raunchy, sprinkled with wacky and served with a side of skewered PC ideals, then have I got a movie for you!

In 2006, the sweet Twinkie Byrd (yes, truly her name!) called me in to audition for the sketch comedy film “Universal Remote,” by director Gary Hardwick (“Deliver Us From Eva,” “The Brothers“).  At the audition, Gary asked the question that I’m always hesitant to answer when auditioning for on-camera work – “Do you do voice overs?”

“Um, yes, I, uh, do some… every now and then… [three to six projects a day!]”

“Would you mind reading this voice over part?” he asked.  And there it is.

I enjoy doing voice overs.  It has given me a good life.  But I love, need, must have on-camera work to feed my soul.  It’s the job I picked at age seven!  However, I also know when to move from the poker table to the slot machine.  So I read it with aplomb.  He was giddy.  They called my agent and offered me the main voice over role of the film.  We countered with a request for one on-camera sketch.  They obliged.  The seven year old in me was happy.

So, even though you can see my scene above, you should still tune in to TMC August 18th, 21st or 27th to see the whole film. Most of the sketches are pretty funny.  But it’s all the voice overs I do in the film that tickle me the most- and there are a lot (excluding the opening, which is Gary)!  I hope to edit them together for my voice over website after it airs as they certainly cover a wide range.

The film features cameos from Charles Murphy (Eddie Murphy‘s brother), Amy Rider, Aloma Wright, and Robert Hays (from Airplane!).

But wait!  That’s not all!  If you tune in now, we’ll throw in an extra episode of “Las Vegas” on TNT!  A few fun scenes with James Caan.  Tuesday, August 18th at noon on TNT.