A Voiceover Video-Palooza!

A Voiceover Video-Palooza!

Guess what I did with my OCD?  I finally directed it at some much needed voice over archiving.  It’s something those of us who have chosen thespianism™ (coined by me just now) must do to compile demo reels and what not.  With voice over, it’s difficult because you can have numerous jobs in a week.  Multiply that by years and, well… Ah, hell, I’m kinda lazy.

However, this last bout of OCD did uncover 90 or so jobs in my email box and on the net.  I have created a YouTube page specifically dedicated to just my voice over work (no political nipple-tweaking here).  Among the slew of TV and radio ads I was able to find were a few unique ones I thought I’d share.

Papa Murphy’s

I have a piece of this on my demo but really enjoyed hearing the full spot again.  What makes this spot unusual was that the “congregation” recorded with me in the same room.  So, to get the timing, levels and performance right we ended up doing many takes.  So many that I started to lose my voice – which really added to the authenticity…

Southern California Mercedes Benz

You can hear the other three ads on the Voiceover YouTube page.

I loved these!  A Twin Peaks riff.  I patterned my character after the “tall one” in the dream sequences, but more snooty and with a full deck, mentally.  They aired for one week before they were pulled and my voice was replaced with a guy who sounded like the Carls Jr. “Don’t bother me” guy.  We later found out that some Mercedes executive felt my character seemed a little “gay”…


You can hear the other two on the Voiceover YouTube page.

D.C. Douglas Image - Tim MaculanI got all warm inside when I found these because I got to work with Tim Maculan.  He’s a funny and sweet guy (you may remember him as the recurring waiter on Cybill and the closeted reverend on Six Feet Under.)  Not only was he a joy to work with, the spots are pretty fun, too.


I didn’t know exactly what my voice over was going to be used for when I did this job.  I discovered the final video a few months back and was so taken with the visuals.  I’m also pretty impressed I made it through a list of names that solely consisted of consonants!

God and Hooters

I’ve worked with these guys many times on various projects, but this one almost had me convinced there is a God… Until I realized it was me.  Then I got depressed and turned to a life of crime and drugs.

And I include this Hooters spot because, hey!  I did a Hooters!

I hope to take my thespianism™ more seriously from now on and should be posting more projects as I find them (know where I can find old Jack-In-The-Box radio ads?), as well as new ones.  So, feel free to subscribe to the channel.  (My nipple-tweaking still twists on at the YouTube acting channel.)

[A special note to Resident Evil fans… The winners will be announced within the next 10 days…]