Pimping and My Mother…

Pimping and My Mother…

Yeah, yeah, you clicked for the zombies, didn’t you? How Pathetic. It’s May 1st! May Day! A celebration of life? Fine, so the Christians gutted that lovely pagan holiday — I’ll give you your damn zombies… (The neo-pagan’s revenge for “conversion?”)

But first, some odds and ends, people:

2 Broke Girls

In case you missed it, here’s my cameo on CBS’s 2 Broke Girls:

Did you catch the voice reference?  From the minute the writers added that I have been plotting my new voice over sizzle reel.

Voiceover Sizzle

Muhahahah!  The plot thickens… Or soup’s ready?  Well, after 2 years, it felt the time was right to redo my sizzle reel… Especially since Kat Dennings gives me an on-camera review!  Yup, I be pimpin’ my vocal box:


Thank you, Michael Patrick king!

My Mother

D.C. Douglas Image - betty malicoat2

Believe it or not, I do have a reason for mentioning my mother above and beyond perfecting a blog post title.

My mother is an artist, a writer, and an intuit.  She overcame a complicated start in life and raised two children (also artists) mostly on her own.  She has been my best friend since I was 16.  She gave me her humor and some of her insight.  She passed down a great cackle of a laugh from her mother to me.  She also gave me creative OCD, but the results outweigh the missed meals.

My mother is the main reason I am an actor today.  Aside from genetics, she sat me down when I was 11 and asked me what I wanted to be.  Then she told me to start working towards it.  And here I am, on May 1st, having the best year I’ve ever had as an actor…

And writing a public Happy Birthday to her.

She is a May Day Mother so I am reclaiming the holiday from the Christians and crowning her the May Queen.  Queen Betty.

If you’d like to help my mom celebrate today, I have two options for you:

1) Got to iTunes (www.TheCrookedEye.com) and watch “The Crooked Eye,” a film short I produced based on a short story she wrote in the 90’s.

2) If you’re into energy healing and metaphysics, visit The Lotus Path and see if her services are for you.

Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you!