I Touched Lindsay Lohan!

I Touched Lindsay Lohan!

Nothing like a salacious and creepy headline, eh?
Actually, I shook her hand and they filmed it.  If it’s not cut from the film, you can see it this Sunday at 7/8 on ABCFamily.  The film is called LABOR PAINS and I play a TV producer in a bind.  It was a very small role and more of a “thank you” from the casting director as I went through several rounds of auditions for a larger role.  Matt Lessall is one of the sweetest casting directors around.

Though I did touch, carress and squeeze the Lohan Hand™, the real treat was working with Janeane Garofalo. Okay, “working with” is used loosely here as we never had lines together, we just ad-libbed in the background, but she was hysterical and very cool. I felt so hip just being next to her.

So, if you need a Lohan fix this weekend, tune-in. If you want to see my acting abilities, um, well, watch my demo reel! 😉