Actor Has Big Head, Gets Titanic Hat

Actor Has Big Head, Gets Titanic Hat

When I was very young I had 8 teeth removed because they were too big and were crowding each other.  True fact.  I have 24 teeth now.  I also had big eyes, full lips and a honkin’ nose.  What I didn’t realize is that my head is pretty damn big, too.  But you can’t tell by looking at me.  Kind of like how you can’t tell I’m almost 6’3″ (though I think that’s because I dress like a 5’11” kinda guy).

Well, nowhere better to see how big my head actually is than in these selected scenes from the recently released über-classic, Titanic II.  Let the hat measurement guessing begin…

Things I learned doing this film:  Take your hat off as soon as possible!

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