@BewareCreepyVAs: Defaming For Revenge & Online Attention

@BewareCreepyVAs: Defaming For Revenge & Online Attention

The Individuals Behind @BewareCreepyVAs: Peyton Waukau & Heather Vandagriff

Are you spreading lies from an anonymous account undermining #MeToo for social media clout? The Individuals Behind @BewareCreepyVAs: Peyton Waukau & Heather Vandagriff

Online defamation: Making false, damaging statements about someone with the intent to harm their reputation.

This post addresses false allegations made against me, setting the record straight.

Originally published in 2019. Updated sporadically since as their actions became more absurd and illegal.


Peyton Waukau (of Madison, Wisconsin), has been cyber-stalking me and harassing conventions since 2019 in an effort to ruin my reputation and get people to “cancel” me.


Peyton Waukau aka @BewareCreepyVAs Peyton Waukau and I had a casual, non-monogamous, acquaintanceship that spanned a total of 8 hours in person (3 different events, essentially 3 one-night stands) over roughly a year, as well as only 20 or so text exchanges before her behavior took a radical turn.

(A note of clarification: while we met at a convention, she was not a fan of mine nor displayed any parasocial characteristics.)

After I discontinued contact, Peyton Waukau harassed my female friends on Instagram and twitter, seeking “dirt” and trying to sabotage my relationships. When they all blocked her, she anonymously launched an unsuccessful #metoo campaign on Twitter.

Around this same time I was targeted by the #IStandWithVic crowd, a group of Vic Mignogna fans and alt-right Kiwi Farms accounts. I tweeted that they should stop attacking Vic’s accusers and that it was possible to support survivors while withholding judgment of Vic. They ignored my nuance and attacked me instead.

After seeing the hate online, Peyton sought to harness the attention. She created a new anonymous twitter account called @BewareCreepyVAs and then actively tried to recruit the #IStandWithVic crowd to amplify her tweets by morphing her defamation into a #KickDC movement, but it never went anywhere as there were no “victims” to join it.

Her ever-changing false allegations ranged from philanderer, “sex pest” and watcher-of-porn to serial groper, rapist and pedophile. An example of her “kitchen sink” approach are tweets that accused me of sexually accosting unwilling audience members on stage at my popular Notorious Zombie-Related Erotic Fanfic Show. A ludicrous claim if one had ever seen the show… And now you can on YouTube!

(Public reaction to her initial campaign can be read here.)

Peyton’s personal Instagram account offers some insight (do not engage with nor harass her). Every few posts will have a hashtag of my name in association with narcissism/abuser. If you go back to 2019 and read forward you will see she writes extensively about an intense, abusive (seemingly in-person) three year relationship with me (an impossibility easily discredited) and how I controlled her behavior daily through my “abusive narcissism.” Note the theme of all her posts. Also worth noting she “likes” all her own posts from her other sock puppet @BewarecreepyVAs IG account.

What is not public are two disturbing letters written by her that are completely untethered from reality, as well as the text messages that chronicle her swift turn into mythomania. (I will not post these but they are in an archive for conventions who request access.*)

As if that were not enough…


Heather Vandagriff (of Albuquerque, New Mexico) is a disgruntled former fan whom I commissioned 9+/- years ago to write some first draft fanfics for my Notorious Zombie-Related Erotic Fanfic Show. In 2021, Heather joined Peyton in her efforts and their actions crossed over into tortious interference territory.


Heather Vandagriff, an avid fan and online acquaintance for many years, defended me online from Peyton’s false allegations in 2020. However, she abruptly turned against myself and several other friends in April 2021 after a perceived disagreement over shared ownership of a “fans of DC Douglas” Discord server.

Heather sought to hurt me personally and professionally by reaching out to and joining Peyton online, posting out-of-context conversations, as well as creating fake “direct messages” from anonymous twitter users.

Recently, she has narrowed her harassment and defamation to commenting on random convention posts that I drug attendees at cons and rape them. A “Bill Cosby” of conventions.

Her twitter handles are @lovesocriminal, @xhercoldhands and @burnside_fan (and IG accounts @broken.birb and @ClubAlchemy505). Less than 5 minutes of scrolling will inform you of her temperament.

In addition, our last, honest, discourse on DM will give more context as to her state of mind. I encourage you to watch it.

(Pause the video for each pagination. Her online posts/actions acknowledged that her DMs are not private so I post it in that same spirit. Unlike Heather Vandagriff, I am including full context.)

As with Peyton, please do not engage nor harass Heather. I also no longer hold any animosity towards her. Our group of friends knew she had a long history of turning on people and then practicing an online scorched earth policy. I just never considered the possibility she would do the same to us.

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Peyton and Heather’s tweets/posts are sometimes amplified by anonymous accounts, including Peyton and/or Heather’s sock-puppet accounts, #IStandWithVic/Kiwi Farms accounts, and those who are easily influenced by anonymous accounts peddling outrage.

Because social media has eroded critical thinking and nuance, it’s enabled the spread of these false allegations and they are occasionally parroted by people who’ve never verified them, let alone have little more than a vague idea of who I am.

I understand that these allegations are serious, and I take them very seriously. That is why this post exists. Also, because these allegations are completely false, and illogical in their breadth, I acknowledge the language of this post may sometimes include inflammatory descriptions. A side effect of being the target of character assassination.


It’s tricky proving a negative. Especially when it’s one person’s words against another. And in the court of public opinion, it’s even more so. It requires critical thinking, time and “cyber-diving.”

Most conventions that have booked me since this began have dismissed the allegations as baseless.

Some conventions have investigated further and deemed the anonymous allegations to be wholly without merit.*

One convention fell under the auspices of a municipality in Florida and were required to have the legal department for the city look into the anonymous allegations. They, too, found Peyton and Heather’s assertions to be without merit.* The con received clearance to book me (and we had a lovely time).

*[For legal purposes and to protect individuals from further harassment, referral info for these third parties, as well as supporting documents/private correspondence with Peyton, will not be published online. They are only strictly available to conventions upon request through my reps. This includes referral info for several people who have witnessed both Peyton Waukau and Heather Vandagriff at the various inflection points and who can corroborate their identity and motivations.]

I have been a guest at over 50 conventions since 2010. Between con chairs and verified handlers (as well as the numerous voice actors I’ve been a guest with), there’s at least 100+ people who can attest to my behavior as a convention guest.

To be clear: There are no police reports. There are no victims. There are no nonanonymous individuals claiming to be a victim. Only fabricated rumors (from groper/sex pest to rapist/pedophile) spread by 2 people, their sock puppet accounts and the duped followers of those accounts.

“You have to go on the record. It has always been that way…”
– Rose McGowan #MeToo activist.

An example of Peyton’s illogical accusations: she tweeted that “several of D.C.’s victims” were in contact with her and they were all waiting for just the right time to go public with their true identities. That was in 2019…

This post is not a plea for you to accept my innocence simply because of what I’ve written. It’s a launching point for you to look deeper into these allegations and the people propagating them. In order to protect true victims of SV in their pursuit of justice it is incumbent upon society to call out those who abuse and usurp #metoo for their own illicit ends.

I also recommend reading the Critical Thinking User Guide tab below:

(click to open).

Critical Thinking User Guide:

Critical Thinking User Guide:

From original post last updated 6/21.

Critical Thinking User Guide:

The hashtag #BelieveWomen was created to challenge the dominance of a patriarchal system that silenced victims. Its purpose was not to suppress respectful and legitimate inquiry or to halt the application of facts and reason. Its aim was to protect individuals who came forward from immediate societal attacks. It is possible to provide support for people with genuine grievances while withholding judgment of the accused, as I did in the Vic Mignonga controversy. The absence of the word “all” in the hashtag is deliberate, as including it would mean endorsing the misguided views of individuals like Rachel Dolezal, as Jon Oliver pointed out.

#MeToo is a movement for justice, giving a voice to assault victims, offering support, and holding perpetrators accountable. Women courageously shared their stories, revealing their identities, and no longer wanted their experiences to be dismissed without consideration.

In some instances, such as with Cosby and Weinstein, the courts had the opportunity to examine evidence, listen directly to victims, and deliver judgments. In other cases, like that of Vic Mignogna, the companies employing him had the chance to review evidence, speak with the individuals who came forward, and make judgments. This distinction is crucial.

Rumors spread anonymously on social media accounts do not demonstrate bravery nor accountability to the truth. If someone wishes to tarnish another person’s reputation, they engage in a “whisper campaign.” By persuading well-intentioned individuals that they speak for “other anonymous victims,” they create the foundation for such a campaign. This can ruin a person’s reputation without affording them the opportunity to respond to the allegations made by the supposed “victim(s).”

Anonymous Twitter accounts face no consequences for making false allegations, yet tremendous harm is inflicted on the falsely accused.

Things to consider:

  • While I have identified the person behind these allegations (including their IP address and a collection of texts, among other things), they have not come forward using their real name. They remain anonymous, using several sock puppet accounts.
  • An IG post from this person in October 2019 suggested that several victims would come forward at the right time as a group, but none have. Do you see the pattern?
  • The majority of their accusations are based on moral judgments (e.g., a 50-year-old man socializing with 25-year-old women, engaging in drinking and pornography). Other accusations are exaggerated to an extreme degree (e.g., public groper, sex pest, pedophile, rapist).
  • They dismiss and block anyone within the convention community who has actually known me for years.
  • No one else has publicly joined their campaign with their own personal stories of horror without hiding behind anonymity and vagueness.
  • Moreover, no conventions I’ve been a guest at, which have become cautious about such controversies following the Vic Mignogna incident, have given any credibility to these anonymous accounts.

So, if you find yourself here because you were deceived by the “sex pest” smear campaign, I encourage you to revisit everything and read it critically. Examine the source rather than blindly amplifying the accounts that promote it. Ask yourself, “Who is this person? Where is the solid evidence? Why does their Twitter account solely revolve around D.C. Douglas?” In short, please employ critical thinking when analyzing the situation. Thank you.

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I have been asked why I don’t sue them. For the simple reason of money. I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination. My family obligations are my financial priority, not my social media reputation.

An amusing aside: When a twitter user tweeted that “he must be guilty” because I hadn’t sued, Heather replied “He can’t. He’s broke.” Minutes later she deleted her reply. She must’ve realized what that implied.

Ultimately, I don’t want to spend a dime on two indivuduals hiding behind anonymous sock-puppet accounts in a small, toxic corner of the internet. I want nothing to do with them. Apart from bookings for conventions, my personal life and career are unaffected by anonymous online fabrications and ugliness. Those who truly know me are well aware of their motives, while those who get to know me quickly see through their facade.

So… I’ll save my dimes for those I love, my kitties and tropical vacations.

[Note: If you found this page because you’re seeking legal action against either of them for similar behavior, I’d be happy to testify as to my experiences for your case.]


The main effort of @BewareCreepyVAs is reputation assassination via conventions: When a videogame or anime con announces my attendance, Peyton & Heather (@BewareCreepyVAs) will encourage their followers to swarm the con’s post/tweet announcement in an effort to scare the convention into cancelling my appearance. (Usually 5 to 15 accounts). Tortious Interference.

There are a few simple things that can mitigate the harassment and my representatives will explain in a short email.

Please know that I completely understand if you’d rather not deal with this social media drama at all. “Fear of association” is the weapon they hope to wield.

Though keep in mind: supporting true victims also means not allowing bad actors to undermine the movement. False accusations do tremendous damage to victims of actual assault. Fact check anonymous accusations as well as critically assess the accounts propagating them.

A final note: If you’re upset about Peyton Waukau and Heather Vandagriff’s abusive online actions, please don’t vent at or attack them online. They thrive on the attention. Instead, transform your anger into support for true victims: RAIN.

  • “… Truth will out…” – Shakespeare

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Accounts to block

Accounts to block

Blocking the following accounts should reduce some of the defamatory comments on your convention’s announcement post:
Some of these accounts may also be active on Instagram (IG) or Facebook (FB).
If you want to share this information with those who are engaging with these accounts, please respond directly to those individuals using the link provided below.
A shortened URL for convenience: DCDouglas.com/Stalker/

Disclaimer: This post is based on the best available information and is subject to change as new information becomes available.

  • For Peyton Waukau and Heather Vandagriff to have their names and images removed, they must publicly admit to propagating false allegations and cease all their defamatory actions. Specific conditions apply. They are to use the website’s contact section for how to proceed.

    Both this offer and this post have undergone careful evaluation to ensure compliance with the legal standards set forth in the state of California.
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