I Am Now A Special Artist…

I Am Now A Special Artist…

11/30/12 UPDATE: If you have a blog long enough, many things will come full circle! I am now back at Abrams Artists Agency and working again with Mark Quinn and the gang there!

No, I didn’t break into the Absinthe and am now deliriously proclaiming my unique artistic powers bestowed upon me by the Green Fairy…  It’s a little more temporal than that.

After several years with Abrams Artists and Associates, I have decided to shake up my voiceover world and try a new relationship with the prestigious Special Artists Agency, specifically with Bradford Bricken.

My years with Abrams Artists were very good.  Now I am hoping to take my voiceover career to the Green Fairy realm.

Special Artists Agency has been around for almost 30 years and represents most of the celebrity voices you can think of –  Gary Oldman, Charlie Sheen, Ryan Gosling, Martin Sheen, Jeff Bridges, John Hurt, Tim Roth, Gene Hackman, Donald Sutherland, Gary Sinise — yeah, you get the idea.

Picture 1Excited?  Absolutely.  Nervous?  Absolutely.  After six years with the same voiceover agency (and almost 10 years with my voiceover agent), it’s a little like moving away from your parents for the first time.  On the upside, I get to have beer in the refrigerator and stay up until 2 am…  Hmmm, that analogy kinda fell apart…

So, if you’re looking to book me for SAG or AFTRA voiceover work, please contact my new voiceover agent: Bradford Bricken at Special Artists Agency – (310) 859-9688.

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