The Futurama Of Voiceover

The Futurama Of Voiceover

Wow.  I heard Friday afternoon that the voice cast of Futurama had grouped their negotiations together (a la “Friends”) and asked for a significant pay increase.  The network responded by firing all of them!  Sad and scary.  I feel for the actors because it is hard to get the same financial respect that on-camera talent gets.  And strange since production costs are usually much lower than a regular half-hour show.  This qualifies as God closing a window…

Then she opens a door…  So, today I get an audition to replace one of the voices (I won’t say which one).  Great opportunity?  Yes and no.  On the one hand, if I audition for it and land the job, there will be many other VO actors who will think ill of me, not to mention helping another VO actor lose a job.  If I don’t audition, I pass up another opportunity and, as the axiom goes, opportunity is the beacon of success.

Of course, this is all a negotiating tactic on the part of Fox.  Yes, an industry that eats its own.  Not sure if I should get in the buffet line…


Update 7-21-09:

So, in digging around it appears this may actually be a publicity stunt.  Supposedly the whole cast, creator and a Fox executive will be at ComicCon in San Diego this week.  The executive will then announce whether the show will return or be gone forever… Negotiating tactic or PR stunt?  I don’t know which one is more unappetizing.  I step out of the buffet line.


Update 8-7-09:

Deal has been reached.  Cast is back.  Why all the drama?  Makes my mascara run.

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