Goodbye Video Games, Hello Fans!

Goodbye Video Games, Hello Fans!

Albert Wesker is dead.  Legion is gone (for most).  And, coincidentally, so is the videogame aspect of my career at the moment!  But no worries, as the film, television, and commercial voiceover parts of my career are going pretty damn strong (thank you, Zeus, er, my agent!)

Even though, as of this post, I have no games coming out in the future, I did snag a lovely personal appearance manager for anime, sci-fi and videogame cons (read the press release)!  Jeff Zannini of Jeff Zannini Management will now be handling all con appearance requests.  His roster includes Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle, Richard Hatch, John DiMaggio, Billy West, Quinton Flynn, Jess Harnell and Maurice LaMarche (my Transformers: Rescue Bots castmate and sweetheart!)!

Jeff also has a great reputation for making things happen. In fact, one day after joining his roster I was booked for this years Florida SuperCon!  And with the demise of my two biggest and best videogame characters, what better way to say goodbye then to go out and meet the fans? … Well, landing another big game would be a great way — Oh, sorry.  Yes, the fans, baby!

There is one other way I could say goodbye to those characters.  I could make a final fan-centric video mash-up.  And so I did!  This one’s for all you Resident Evil, Albert Wesker, Mass Effect, Legion fans:

If you want me to come to your local con, tell their con guest committee to contact Jeff at Jeff Zannini Management!  And if you’d just like to see me on television, I’ll be on NCIS: los Angeles in May and Comedy Central’s Workaholics in June!

Rest in peace Albert and Legion.


Thanks for all the great comments!  Warms my cockles.  Don’t tell anyone.

However, there seems to be some confusion and, I admit, it’s due to my writing a blog post at 2 am!  Let me clear it up;

1. Wesker, as far as I know, is NOT in RE6.

2. I am NOT leaving VO work or Videogames.  I just have a lull at the moment.  Usually I don’t post about that!

3. I still work everyday in VO (commercials, narration, etc) and have a nice streak going with film & TV gigs.  In fact, you can hear me as Chase the police car on Transformers: Rescue Bots every week on The Hub!

Hope that clarifies.  Next time, I’ll go to bed and write my posts after 8 hours sleep! 😉