The Voice Behind Svarog in Honkai: Star Rail

The Voice Behind Svarog in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail – Svaraog

Welcome to another exciting voice actor interview! Today, we’re diving into the interstellar adventure that is Honkai: Star Rail, the latest hit from the innovative minds at miHoYo, also known as HoYoverse. These are the geniuses behind the beloved Genshin Impact, and they’ve outdone themselves again with this space fantasy RPG. With stunning visuals, intricate gameplay, and a stellar (pun intended) voice cast, Honkai: Star Rail has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide.

The voice direction for Honkai: Star Rail was helmed by Chris Faiella, a well-respected voice director in the industry. Faiella is known for his exceptional ability to bring out the best in voice actors, ensuring that each character’s voice fits perfectly with their personality and the game’s overall narrative. His work on Honkai: Star Rail has been praised for its depth and emotional resonance, contributing significantly to the game’s success and the strong connection players feel with the characters.

The Star-Studded Cast

One of the standout elements of this game is its incredible voice cast, featuring talents that bring its vibrant characters to life. Among these talented individuals is none other than the versatile and charismatic D.C. Douglas, who lends his voice to the character Svarog. D.C. Douglas is in good company, joining a lineup of voice actors such as:

    • Cristina Vee as Clara – known for her roles in Miraculous Ladybug and Hunter x Hunter [IMDb]
    • Skyler Davenport as March 7th – known for Final Fantasy VII Remake [BTVA]
    • Alejandro Saab as Jing Yuan – known for My Hero Academia and Fire Emblem: Three Houses [BTVA]
    • Xanthe Huynh as Pela – also known for Persona 5 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses [BTVA]

The collaboration of these talented individuals has undoubtedly contributed to the game’s immersive experience and emotional depth. Today, we’re thrilled to have D.C. Douglas with us to talk about his experience voicing Svarog and diving into the cosmos of Honkai: Star Rail. Douglas is known for portraying a wide array of characters in games and anime, from Yoshikage Kira in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Professor Kalego in Welcome to Demon School, Iruma Kun to Legion in Mass Effect and Albert Wesker in Resident Evil.

Q&A with D.C. Douglas

Q1: Hey D.C.! Thanks for joining us today. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of your character, can you share a bit about your initial reaction when you were approached to join the voice cast of Honkai: Star Rail?

D.C. Douglas: I’ll be honest. I’ve done so many JRPGs in the last 20 years that I’m not always up on what’s hot. So, I really had no idea the people behind this game were connected to Genshin Impact! We also started recording remotely from my home studio, so people are faceless and I’m very bad with names! My initial reaction was, “Yay! I have a job!” But as we got into the recording sessions, I was really impressed with the depth of the character for just being a robot. I was also super impressed with the directing approach by Chris! He truly is one of those “voice whisperers.” It’s a true joy to work with him. And of course, the relationship with Clara is super sweet. By the way, I just discovered she’s voiced by Cristina Vee! So now we’ve acted together in all these scenes, but in actuality, we’ve never even been in the studio at the same time recording. Such a weird business!

Q2: Speaking of your character Svarog, he’s a robot with a surprising amount of depth. Can you tell us a bit more about him and his relationship with Clara?

D.C. Douglas: Sometimes I get a little confused as to what’s happening with the plot, but I chalk that up to being a general doofus in my day-to-day life. But I do follow the relationship, and what’s sweet about it is that while he comes off cold and intimidating at first, through logic and her appeal to his primary objectives, he slowly evolves into a big brother/father figure for her. It’s a journey to finding and understanding what family is. I love that.

Q3: Completely agree! What was it like to bring such a multifaceted character to life, especially with the remote recording sessions?

D.C. Douglas: There are always a lot of technical parameters and boundaries in recording for games to begin with. Then, add the technical requirements of remote recording as well as the limited avenues of communication, like not being able to see people’s expressions while they’re giving you direction—all of that gets in the way of having an immediate, visceral “I’m on a journey as an actor” experience. It’s more like “I’m a dancing monkey in a  digital jungle gym!” I don’t even know if that makes sense! The thing is, you’re really acting line by line, not in a fluid back-and-forth scene. But because I’ve been doing this for so many years, there is a part of you that gets a sense of what that will be when it’s put together, so there are glimpses of the heartwarming relationship that I can feel. But at the end of the day, it’s only when I see a scene played out on YouTube or watching someone else stream the game that I get the full impact and have the true appreciation of it. Almost a, wait for it, Genshin impact!

Q4: How has the fan reception been for Svarog and the relationship with Clara?

D.C. Douglas: I only ever engage with that when I’m at a convention. Life is too short to be on Twitter or in the comment sections of random blogs! But when I am doing a con, the reaction is usually “Oh! You’re Svarog?!” And then they mention how much they love the game and the relationship with Clara, and I smile and wait for them to buy a damn autograph—just kidding! I find it sweet. I love that I am in things that speak to people and evoke good feelings in their day-to-day lives.

Q5: Lastly, do you have any funny or memorable moments from recording for Honkai: Star Rail that you’d like to share?

D.C. Douglas: Well, this actually goes back to your first question. I realized this game was more than just another JRPG when—I forget who it was from the cast—but somebody posted a picture of themselves in Times Square in New York with a giant electronic advertisement for Honkai: Star Rail on it, and I was like, holy shit! I guess this game is going to be bigger than I thought! Like I said, I’m a doofus.

The Wrap

Interviewing D.C. Douglas was an absolute blast. His candid and humorous take on his work in Honkai: Star Rail provided a refreshing insight into the world of voice acting.

The fan reception for Honkai: Star Rail has been overwhelmingly positive. Players have fallen in love with the immersive storyline, the beautifully crafted world, and the well-developed characters. The dynamic between Svarog and Clara, in particular, has struck a chord with many, showcasing the game’s ability to blend action, adventure, and heartfelt moments seamlessly. It’s clear that miHoYo has another hit on their hands, and we can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead in the stars.

[Reprinted with permission.]