The Outspoken Live with VO Superstar D.C. Douglas!

The Outspoken Live with VO Superstar D.C. Douglas!

Erik Sheppard: It’s our guy DC Douglas voice-over extraordinaire drinking what are you drinking there my tie

D.C. Douglas: It’s a pink lemonade and something sweet that I just grabbed quickly

Erik Sheppard: Manly very manly drink

D.C. Douglas: Oh yeah I like my sugar

Erik Sheppard: So Bri says looks fine sounds fine yes I don’t know thanks Bri yeah do you know Bri mmm no she’s all right Mike I don’t know she’s an awesome awesome awesome does all kinds of stuff though most oh look at the thingies on the side yeah well look at that I got the thingies and then we could pull them in look at this Oh No how does that work I did it before once and it was freaking cool look at it look at this javi alright oh wow yes so you bring that stuff in oh cool yeah and then they could see him whenever we’re geeking out I mean an e can live for any dorks out there and my beloved 416 and blah blah blah so anyway nobody cares about that DC Douglass amazing we’ve gone so I’ve listened met you correct me if I’m wrong but you’re on sorry like three minutes in I knew it was gonna happen I would I’m thinking but I you know I don’t know everything that you’re arguably most famous for video game voice over at least you know the voice-over stuff that you do you do other stuff and we’re gonna into that but the Wesker thing of “Resident Evil” and “Mass Effect” is that I mean would you agree that the item is that where most of your fans come from is that where you’re kind of most well-known that’s how I know you’re most but I always like whenever someone whenever the word fame is used a kind of like I kind of laugh because

D.C. Douglas: Oh there’s name there’s like a nice tiny world somewhere there’s a group of people that know me so and they mostly know me from yes for doing “Resident Evil” Albert Wesker back it was 10 years ago the big one came out actually the first minute it was 2007 “Umbrella Chronicles” and then I did “RE 5” and they came out in 2000 Aachen so that’s a 10-year anniversary it was just recent and then like the following year I ended up doing “Mass Effect” and then two and then “Mass Effect 3” and I’d had no idea that I was in two huge video franchises so if that was a blessing and then I realized these conventions were so great for anime and I’m like why am I not an anime and like oh that’s right I stopped doing it like 1999 so I reached out to be blind said hey I want your anime again because there’s these things called conventions and and then so I started to get little things here there are nothing to you know exciting for people and then I just recently got “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” I’m playing yoshikawa Kira and it is that is probably my most favorite role right now that I’m doing and then I’ve done in years thanks to Albert Wesker so yeah but you’re right yes

Erik Sheppard: So you start at you were doing the animes I said I know a Lana phone my wife does it too and this for those who don’t know because then that fan base is pretty as crazy as huge and so the folks go in and you know this stuff is already done because of it you know it’s big in Japan or whatever so then you know 99% of the time it’s dubbed afterwards and they pay you like nothing like here’s like five bucks and you do the thing and it’s tough man you know because it’s animation voice over an animation voice over videogame voice over some of the hardest stuff there is but you don’t make any money doing that stuff but then you go on the the circuit you know you do the the convention so that was that was kind of your experience

D.C. Douglas: Well yeah actually video games do an LA do games do ro yeah yeah well yeah Lee but yeah the anime that’s my step doing it in 99 or whatever is one it’s hard part of working is very technical you have to match the the lip flaps but recently I just did an entire season of a live-action Italian show that’s the hardest ADR ever and I did it because I want to get with a studio and they turned out to be great I’m actually going to be in something dropping April 1st which I’ll plug later but anyway I did that as as a way of getting in and after doing all that work going back to Anam I’m like oh my god enemies really easy to help but yeah it pays you cannot make a living doing anime work so anime is I mean my bread and butter cup I’m doing commercials and then after that it would be video games and the anime is just so I can travel and go to these conventions I enjoy going to the conventions and traveling that’s that’s the main reason I do it but that’s not even like the main source of income it’s like things like my Taco Bell commercials are ready right now so okay shop

Erik Sheppard: Okay I’m gonna die hey what’s gonna ask you about something later but ask you about it now because we’re talking about commercials…

D.C. Douglas: I had no fan base then nobody freaking knew who I was and and I had done two years of the Geico campaign an amazing whatever they called so they called real people campaign so you’d have somebody telling their story about their accident and then next to them would be somebody famous like Little Richard so it’d be and the voice-over at the beginning was his tact this voice here that said Eric Sheppard is a real guyco customer not a paid celebrity so to help tell his story we hired a celebrity and that was what I did and then I tagged at the end well what happened was

Erik Sheppard: How many would he do

D.C. Douglas: I did 13 ran for over two years baa baa me a house it was it was a godsend it was lightning striking twice because it was they were they might redo the soap to make it long story short they who she’s really hard with this one um but it used to be that when I’d see people like Fred Phelps and can we swear or say bad words here

Erik Sheppard: Please do it yeah

D.C. Douglas: Okay so there the whole Fred Phelps God hates [expletive] thing and like back in the nineties that pissed me off so I called them up and I left the voice message just that was just like how I’ve been and it felt good and it’s stupid immature I know but so this it for the porno this is this insane trick they have like those neon signs and they go on it

Erik Sheppard: Yeah God hates [expletive]

D.C. Douglas: and yeah this since then I think like the dome Westboro Baptist Church that’s yeah thank you yeah no the daughter’s the one who’s running it now so she’s she’s just as black wheels on behalf I thought the diner oh the one of the brother a couple of the brothers of Louisville it’s a huge family of its ancestors compound thing in Midwest Burroughs religious breed man okay so and now how do how do these two worlds come together you’re doing the Geico spots they were knowing him you don’t whatever then this is all they had and you start talking [expletive] about these crazy psychos where something is the Geico commercials dr. Aaron they were done I’ve made my money everything was done but what had happened was is that all the the Tea Party racists [expletive] and they are that that they’re now Trump stirs for a lot of them most of them actually they all came out because oh my god black presidents trying to get health care to people yes I know the issues deeper than that but anyway that Freedom Works was this aspect roof organization bust all these these these [expletive] to Washington and during the day when the Congress is coming in to vote on it they were yelling [expletive] and apparently [expletive] somebody called it was his name called the n-word and so my my trigger is bullies bulls so I now I like to bully bullies personally that’s my thing but it’s a trigger gets me really pissed and so I just called up Freedom Works I left them like a [expletive] voicemail message using a character that I’ve used in many projects and but I left my phone number because it really didn’t want to debate them they called back two weeks later after it had passed and and I said yeah I don’t need a talk you have passed em but they wanted to verify his lands back should I go well no I’m DC Douglas I was usually like I didn’t care I said I used to be his name I said I’m gonna go goodbye I don’t care well they were recording the conversations and then what they did is they waited several weeks and then we’re monitoring my social media saw me post on Facebook that I had just booked a new guy panco campaign now the thing was it was it was an Internet campaign they only did I think three spots and all at all probably I probably lost 10 grand is what happens but anyway what they got they fired from it the way they did that is they posted on Breitbart calm is the Tea Party Gekko I know is the Geico gecko a tea party crasher so it basically conflated me with another thing that I didn’t do ever and recently somebody was these recent punks trying to make you know hey with me sent that tweak to me saying guy kukaku you lost your jobs good I’m like dude really do you like 10 years later he’s still getting the information honk and the so that’s essentially what happened I got a guy who didn’t want any part of it so they they they’ve recast it was somebody else and I had no problem that I did up a little press release so I said I’m gonna go after Freedom Works because welcome and that happened the day that I put it out was the day that it happened to be shooting of tea over a mile long into a hoop and all of a sudden at MSNBC calling me CNN calling me Fox News wanted me to come other show it was like nuts and so for a week and I was breaking news on Fox News breaking news this February but like you said it was conflated this story was kind of oh so you don’t have to go out on the mean of course you have to go because there’s like any price for an actor’s so now what you go when you go

D.C. Douglas: Well actually I was telling these jerk-offs at they’re jerk-offs and then what but you don’t want to talk smack about Geico of course because they were good to you whenever even though they right no I would basically I would I had to start off with an apology because I refer to them as mentally [expletive] so I started up I start with the apology part and then I basically try to draw the attention back to what this astroturf organization headed by Dick Armey was really all about and the racism of the Tea Party movement all of that stuff and it’s like if one of us was really receptive to that I’m sure oh well it was that Geraldo show so fifty-fifty but if if you want to see any of that stuff I put it all in a in a very quick joke video it’s called um “Tea Party PSA” at the public service announcement so just googled DC Douglas tea party PSA you’ll find the video it’s got a lot of the news clips at the beginning of one at the end and to get the gist and then you’ll get like humor about it all it was great because I thought I was gonna lose all these clients and I lost three from the deep south and then I gained a whole bunch more and and then turns out that the advertising agency the through Geico hired mates like a year later on another campaign and then since then I’ve done a few other campaigns with them and the recently I’ve also done a whole bunch of Geico radio spots so everybody nobody gives a [expletive] anymore it’s like it’s it’s gone the controversies gone and we now know what the tea party was because we can see it in but they’ve done with getting drunk

Erik Sheppard: Well listen now now that it’s gone and it’s put to bed and I’m bringing it back up again and scratching let’s see who tries to get me fired – what was it who was it I can’t believe I can’t remember his name cuz I Gilbert Godfrey he lost it oh right here I might as well but he lost like a zillion dollars like that was huge yeah yeah he’s yeah Dan with what was he saying yeah

D.C. Douglas: He would say it was like a he didn’t he made a joke about the tsunami like with him I think like a week of it happening it was they see a too soon joke yeah yeah he’s actually a funny it was a funny joke for a lot of people they said how insensitive let’s get you fired which is again it’s it’s a stupid thing I mean if he was like an ongoing racist white nationalist or something I can understand trying to get him fired from a job so he’s not affecting other people well yeah my median that’s her job is to be fun but he was a comedian he was doing what he does right exactly so um it’s like I was trying to tell like one of the arguments ‘got somebody whose arguments online back then one of the people I got an argument with I said I said you know what if I if I heard you say something stupid about a particular organization or something how would you like it I came in to Applebee’s and try to get you fired from your waiter job I mean you think I was kind of psycho that’s kind of what it’s like you guys were doing with me having just left a voicemail a voicemail message which by the way it was illegal when they posted online and the voice the recordings they did of me were also a legal problem it is in California you can’t record anybody in California without consent and so I could have like gone after them and sued them but yeah I wasn’t see I told you this guy drama drama queen

Erik Sheppard: Jesus in the middle of them oh you know it’s so funny no I want to go to tag on that yes right so nice um you see drama queen I’m like I figured that was like the weirdest frickin and and at the time it was horrible because it’s getting offered by the IRS simultaneously so I thought that guy could kick gig was gonna save me that’s all in the past but the show but I thought how weird that’s like lightning striking first lightning strike and getting the Geico gig then lightning striking with this Holt Tea Party catastrophe then three years later I go to see “Tower Heist” the the Brett Ratner film right and I’m sad you are clean Hollywood and yeah but no but you saw it yeah we were about to get up to lead and the lights come up before the credits are done the green chairs out turns us at Q&A with Brett Ratner we’re like oh [expletive] alright we’ll stay and within the first five minutes of them talking to Brett Ratner he makes sense oak like somebody’s a [expletive] or whatever and I was just kind of like wow this guy’s a dick so I tweet from there about the joke and I forget even what the tweet was about or whatever on I tweeted it gets retweeted or whatever not a lot it got to root 3 – fair enough but anyway the next day The Hollywood Reporter calls my agent wants to interview me apparently I was the first one to tweet about it so the article comes on The Hollywood Reporter and it’s the tweak that brought down Brett Ratner people losing his job gig doing hosting the Oscars and I’m like that was not me ok I’ll take it right

D.C. Douglas: Okay so you’re Rama you’re on Twitter all the time we were talking before we went live and we were just talking about trolls and blah blah blah but you are like the troll troll you go after thee you actually talk to these people I don’t know this is what this is what started this is why I wanted to have you on the on the show because my wife I don’t I don’t know I’m like a thousand by the prison it’s like way older than me and he knows how to tweet but I don’t know I’m like on Facebook with the rest of the grandfathers you know it’s not like if you see me tweet that’s like Lindsay did it but she’s gay she’s we’re like sitting on the couch and she’s like do you see this whatever like you’re gonna love this nonsense sound like what so it was hold on I’ve got it here so this dude I won’t even say his name says you know I saw that tweet where you said you did not owe us and right seems like a bit of an ego issue let me pop that bubble we are the fans we buy your content we haven’t we put food on your table without us you are nothing you owe everything to us don’t forget that and yeah I again know whatever commercials are my thing anyway so screw you and then let everybody just destroy this [expletive] and wait what we’re like I said it’s amazing to me that you would like just even talk to these people because I’m like well that was like that weird you know that was my grandmother tweeting me so you know it’s it’s just a mate and everybody talks about there’s anonymity and the internet and you could be whoever you want whatever and these folks gonna be whoever I want so I’m gonna be the biggest ever live and say you get you know whenever you’re out or you haven’t like one opinion or whatever you know of course I you’re a royai you’re on like brave you know you’re behind their computers but it what did you do a lot of this apparently wait what we celebrated this content is funny I mean that’s like that’s it’s like playing with a dead mouse or a dying mouse or something if you’re a cat that’s what kind of what that reminds me

D.C. Douglas: But sometimes it’s just so ridiculous it’s good to point it out sometimes it’s I again like I said my trigger is is being bullied because I was bullied in school and I have a lot of younger fans in their 20s and I’m sure there’s probably some that are that are even younger than that though they shouldn’t be on my page because it’s not safe for work it’s an 80 plus page really should be but but nevertheless it’s like I if I I’m out there as who I really am so and they’re not there these anonymous little butt heads so it’s a great way it’s a great way to to make examples out of them to show other people you don’t need to be scared of these people you can stand up especially if logic is gonna just like make them fall apart and it’s also if you’re gonna come at somebody mean to begin with Lister do I love love is like somebody will come at me being an [expletive] and I’ll come back an [expletive] back at them using their same language back at them and they’ll go you know you could have been a little you know courteous about it it’s like you get what you put out so yeah so I mean the only time that I do that where I just go out mean is when I’m talking to like a corporation or something like I just tweeted something very nasty to CNN because they had they had what’s-his-name from Breitbart on a blanking old man moment the little white nationalist guy that got fired his faces always got sores Bannen say ban it on there and I’m like well what weather treating him like you know he’s got important things to say it’s a [expletive] racist he’s an unknown white nationalist racist who’s on your network talking and so of course I just like kind of said the nasty tweet so that’s when I’m probably not behaving properly but I would do that to

Erik Sheppard: Go are you arguing with now because you’re arguing okay first of all here’s I was telling him this before – you go on Twitter and there’s like 8 million people that like arguing with them so then I’m trying to find some clips I have some fun clips here you know what I’m gonna use this as a segue because this is too funny I love to [plays clip]

Erik Sheppard: Well you know there’s a controversy here you don’t really know if I’m eating at the end or not it’s harvest at does teen know I did that was the only thing I would try it I really tried I I love the guys of the silent I’ve done eight films there and I did three episodes of “znation” with them and did the David’s I love them I would love to do more with them because it’s just fun there’s a lot of creative freedom but for your character and stuff and yes it’s low budget and and you know whatever you think of that is kind of tough but it’s fun so and I’m an actor I enjoy like I’d work I don’t care about the kind of money that I make when I do on-camera work because I just enjoy it so much and and the voice-over is where I care about how much I’m money I’m because that’s the that’s the day job

D.C. Douglas: So but yeah that’s why I love doing the silent movies that was shot in Buffalo in January and that water was freezing cold yes and it was all my boots so when I’m running at the end and it looks like I’m I’m running like I’ve got an issue running it’s cuz my boots are filled with water so it’s very hard to run that way

Erik Sheppard: Hold on I found more and then I’m gonna talk about when I was searching for you but look I found more cuz you do a lot you and this is like such a cheeseball question but it’s a fair question like do you consider yourself I mean obviously this show is about voice over so is it more of a voice over actor or not are you just an actor

D.C. Douglas: Oh well you know no I know that’s a thing like you know what if this funny there’s certainly stages to a career so when I moved to LA I was a theatre actor who was trying to be a film and TV actor and then I started getting more film and TV and then voice-over started happening so I was a film and TV actor who also did voice over now all I do is voice over and it’s and I’m not even pursuing film and TV that much I literally had a whole career change about a year and a half ago where I thought I’m though they’ve changed the way there’s a lot of projects happening but they’re filmed in so many different places now in cast in so many different places and also it’s changed it’s like there’s so much more open to other ethnicities which is fantastic that but that also means that I’m well there’s a lot of 50 year old white guy character actors many of them have way more credits than I do so I thought I’m going up against them and it’s like yeah it’s not and it doesn’t matter to me as much anymore especially the TV stuff that was because the stuff I get be like lawyer number one or the doctor that kind of stuff

Erik Sheppard: Hold on where is with them let’s say this is you have a database for that sure do cheese’s can you check it out just take a minute or two wait check out the computer if I had the information about your mr. Harper I don’t know who your friend thinks he’s fooling but he is definitely not commissioned to perform marriages

D.C. Douglas: You did say the wedington plays Latin for Nia yes on a boat at sea they weren’t in international waters then he’s governed by the state we captured him he’s in deep doo-doo

Erik Sheppard: How about the people who supposedly married but Jerry aligned on us

D.C. Douglas: Those poor folks are not his producer who’s like another nice long doodoo well that’s “Bold and Beautiful” and I’ve done 26 episodes of that show again there’s a lot of soap operas yeah well that’s just as I

Erik Sheppard: Enjoyed me this was the most but it was my misreporting our kind of show who’s this this dude’s been on sutures in court and your wife’s fancy clothing business backlash through involved here I’m Michael Baldwin Hills brother-in-law for Matty a close personal friend of Charlie’s why don’t you try picking his pot as well

D.C. Douglas: Wow trust me from experience it’s hard to give money of someone when they’re buying Bedard is he from inside the office from the side the front care how you do it as long as gets done my mother used to watch soap operas when I was little and I think I remember that guy from she’s watched “General Hospital” I think he might have been like anyway right first so hospital you did nine

Erik Sheppard: “90210” and which is that’s like the king of cheese right there but then you did “NYPD Blue” that was a real thing you didn’t arrest the bolt I spent like four minutes checking freaking IMDB that was like the extent of my whatever you did you did “Transformers” and then we’ll go back to the other stuff you did “Transformers” red that’s like a big thing you did “Family Guy” but it looks like you did like one episode yeah no actually

D.C. Douglas: I did I went in that was weird auditions and stuff and he’s very specific and what he likes there seems to be a lot of people who’ve done one episode because I know a lot of folks and then they got yeah as I’m family and then you look at you go yeah you did what like did you like [expletive] in the punch like what is why there’s a lot of folks that only do one yeah I couldn’t tell you the story I actually ended up doing two but I think he replaced me in the other yeah the first one I did is where do the Superman line and it was literally it was a half-hour session to do one line because he just needed to have it done a certain way and but you know it’s this is when you

Erik Sheppard: Hiring is is directing yeah so you’re you’re in studio with the rest it’s not this isn’t like an ISDN thing like your this is like the no you go there but it’s one person at a time at least for the stood that kind of stuff I was just being the booth with him now Taylor Reid motion you know it’s funny oh my god there’s a funny story to that though

D.C. Douglas: What is her name the petite mm-hmm what’s her name starts me she oh he’s on the show yeah well she was replaced to her like I say was in she lays Institute lead in him as well

Erik Sheppard: Is anybody talking nobody’s talking on the thing I can’t read

D.C. Douglas: Okay Oh what’s her name she’s famous she’s Timberlake

Erik Sheppard: Okay well that’s her whatever her name is

D.C. Douglas: Okay just so you know I I think waiting in or 1/2 she’s adorable she’s awesome I’m waiting for a half hour to get in the waiting room and and this really really cute girl sits next to me and just is funny as heck and actually to be in heck and anyway but I’m like I’m just like really loving and enjoying the company but and then at the end of for a finish my session I go over to her and I and I go I go I suppose shake your hand you are you were very funny and entertaining and I shook her hand and I left and then I realized it was that girl and let me look at it I just me that yeah I just

Erik Sheppard: No like Kunis famous famous actress she’s watching right now like she’s a big fan or the outspoken and you just

D.C. Douglas: Oh oh is she yeah no well then I am like oh apologize I didn’t that I didn’t realize you were who you were below your with Mila Kunis she’s doing now he was I think she’s already dating him at that point stuff I don’t know if she does any other voice over now she’s doing freaking commercials man for like whiskey’s Shipton well you know she’s getting um but she was she wasn’t on for a season I don’t think it was a vice it might have been on for the first I don’t remember what the deal is but for at least one season she wasn’t Meg and then she went back so she might have been off doing a movies or something or he’s written like that’s a good show and then I make fine like some of his stuff like man but it would derivative whatever but it’s you know it’s a great show man and now you know it’s been on the air now for a zillion years but she’s just perfect man like that casting a lot of the casting unless she was really you know it’s spot on but

Erik Sheppard: I love love good agreement yeah he seems difficult though I mean well yeah if you were there Friday power to do one line yeah I guess he is difficult I just destroy no no nothing he doesn’t seem nice but yes like exacting like you said that’s

D.C. Douglas: All there’s nothing wrong sure that’s funny I think probably you know in his beginnings he was doing all the voices so there’s your you got a vision you want to do it a certain way so get that yeah well look at the “South Park” guys like me a voice for them would be like oh my god would be so tough cuz they do so many themselves and they’re very exacting as well you know they got anything that they wanted and they use the same type of voice and I think “Family Guy” kind of does – there’s uh if they go for that almost real but not quite you know type of voices um but there’s a similarity between them that you think like you know they kind of ancillary character voices yeah we think oh it’s almost be the same guy and it’s not he’d I think he’s got like a taste you know that he likes yeah and then whoever’s casting over there like Linda’s casting or something I think they just find you know there was one the other one I went in on I got I get checks for but I know I’m not in it is it was one of the Star Wars parodies and

Erik Sheppard: And it was literally like a stormtrooper who’s got one sentence but the thing is I was told when I get when they hired me they go okay just so you know he’s already fired two other people from this to do this one line of this stormtrooper no pressure at exactly so I go in and I’m feeling the breath sure and I got what I supposed to sound like a storm [expletive] like there’s no storm trooper it’s just that but they don’t talk in the originals oh no I guess they do yeah we’re over there basically you know white man sounding stuff and but I like I literally tripped over the sentence the first two times I tried to do it and he kind of chuckling he said yes a lotta people are having probably the line which in my mind is like all the actors having a problem the line maybe you need to rewrite to like and not replace the actor maybe it’s like I’m think in the end I think in the end when he actually does the voice himself and they gave me like a voices credit on the episode even though that I was cut so that was nice of him so you almost do so you kind of escape the curse of one but not really you did what yeah yeah yeah that’s weird and then he did “Transformers” what was transported a barber’s rescue bomb yeah

D.C. Douglas: It’s actually my first TV series 2012 through maybe two four years so we started in 2012 I think amazing cast that we’re all still y’all still stay in touch to this day so Jason Marsden, Maurice LaMarche, Amar’e Williams, Shannon McCain, Steve Blum, Lacey Chabert oh and we cut a levar burton Mark Hamill was recurring yeah it was I know I’m forgetting somebody Hamels not gonna talk to me cuz I just said this Stormtroopers didn’t talk so that’s it now he’s not oh he’s you forgive you he’s a sweetheart yeah it was an amazing case it was a great experience directed by Ginny McSwain and yeah forever grateful and a cool do back who was the creator co-creator on that show

Erik Sheppard: I’m so bad with like titles and people whatever she’s gone on to like win a lot of awards and do other stuff she’s now working on the “Rocketeer” for Disney and and I was very think like I brought in to do a couple episodes of that so I’m looking forward to than those there I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that I don’t think it matters anyway it’s that’s gonna be a great show “The Rocketeer” will cut that out

D.C. Douglas: Oh it’s live it’s like it’s like screwed live to whatever people

Erik Sheppard: Okay we have 80 people that’s pretty cool we have we’ve got questions all right I went out you’re not as popular as I thought I guess

D.C. Douglas: I’m no I really mind I am you know it’s like you were seeing it before – you’re talking about like voice you know voice who are like famous and I freaked I love that man like you know I know I forget everybody a voice over and every once in a while like they don’t like they try it on like you know they started they get something big and I’m gonna try to act like I’m a famous or no you think you’re not that’s not like there’s no famous the dawn which may be closest but there’s not you’re actually not like a doing man there’s a [expletive] outside for you like your reason list you like after like the best boy and craft services oh man in there’s feature films you’re like last because know right that’s there’s not like a real like you can walk down the street you know like don’t mmm oh yeah no though in an airport once somebody stop me because they recognize my voice D.C. Douglas: That was the only time though but I wanted to say is Jeff Nimoy is a voice actor and director you guys probably don’t for did you want and he directed me recently both in that live-action ADR I was doing and and also in this new project I can’t tell you about I don’t think but it lands April 1st I’m gonna tell you at the end of this anyway is if your name on that thing man yeah just throw that NDA out the window

Erik Sheppard: I didn’t sign one that’s why I think I could say and and also because my voices in the trailer so I can say now but the bla just say it then

D.C. Douglas: So April first on Netflix is “Ultraman” debuting both in Japan and America simultaneously through Netflix and I to

Erik Sheppard: Play first on the outspoken no no too much that was perfect that was perfect yes so I’m excited I play I play a character the voice I have to actually modulate as though it was done in post but they don’t do it a posto so when I’m talking I have to mutual is like all of that kind of stuff it’s very trippy

D.C. Douglas: So you’re doing that live i doing na and then they screw with it afterwards

Erik Sheppard: Nope they don’t scribble it at all oh it’s just me doing that said with my voice wow these are really yeah I play an alien so the other side of his I didn’t have any lips to match so that was good yeah check it out there’s a new thing yes yeah so see no not new thing it’s cuz it’s an alien that literally has no lips so yeah that helps nope yeah Oh anyway what I was trying to say about your whole point is Jeff Nimoy also just produced his first full feature film it’s probably hit the the festival circuit and it’s called “Famous” and it’s literally literally about a voice actor who had fame from a particular anime and then goes to conventions and it’s about it’s very funny it’s very cute and actually surprisingly tugs at your heart when you least expect it so but it was it’s a and there’s a Lex Lang isn’t it and some other people it’s really it’s it’s really good anyway I just saw a premiere that last week so it uh it is an issue ain’t because you’re right those folks like we were talking before the anime folks and like any of these you know fandom people that you’re famous to them those far really into like they’re people you know I mean those are [expletive] you know if you walk down the street obvious you know they would know who you are and they want here you know sign your headshot and stuff yeah

D.C. Douglas: I look at it like two things if it’s if somebody’s trying to use it against me so somebody goes you should be more like this or that because you have a responsibility to and like the role model [expletive] argument and then I’m like [expletive] you I’m not that famous and even if I was it still wouldn’t matter I’d take like the Ron Perlman route of stuff but the flip side is if you meet somebody who is just so emotionally attached to a project they watched over and over and over again I know what that’s like is if I’m that Elizabeth Montgomery from “Bewitched” I would have been when I was that age I would have been you know crying myself and shaking I was shaking as it was when I met Tim Curry so it’s those Tim Curry pretty freaking famous but you know what I mean it’s like whatever it is that that thing that you were so into so they were whatever it was and they were going through a hard time in school and then they found refuge in that anime or that video game of that cartoon and it’s like I’m gonna respect that then I’m gonna go and they go you’re famous that I’m gonna you know I might be sheepish about it that I’m gonna I’ll accept it and because I am to them in that moment and that that’s important to me so it is

Erik Sheppard: Well and like you said you know especially for the the folks who are doing like the anime stuff I mean that’s their job that’s how you’re getting paid actually for doing that stuff is doing the convention thing and yeah and being famous being faint you know famous to those people the fandom hold on I had some questions all right frumpy I’m worried well god no I don’t know cuz I don’t even know what they’re talking about because these are the fans the fans said like I said was asking if they had questions I am doing that comes in big why doesn’t he wear his hat more more it’s because I shower if I didn’t showered wear it all the time this is bad hair day this is why I wear that yeah that’s when I grab my hats two men I actually got a haircut today

D.C. Douglas: Oh no I never guy always kind of myself you know but then I look like God like I cut it myself this is probably why it’s good

Erik Sheppard: You but somewhere else yeah I got I know your head this is nothing but I got a thing tomorrow so I got to do it I said I got it look like you know presentable like I’ll show you know with your with your East Coast accent and you say I got a thing tomorrow it really sons are gonna go whack Somebody it really

D.C. Douglas: I can’t I talked to a guy about a thing

Erik Sheppard: Here’s the other question that I found and then we’ll pull questions from these folks it more hate for Chris than Jill I have no I think this means yeah that’s and that’s a whole that’s a resin people thing

D.C. Douglas: Wow but oh my gosh it’s like I don’t live as Wes Crusoe so hard for me to answer these questions especially after all this time I always go what why do you even think that I would say Wednesday have more hate for Kristen Jill it’s because with Jill he just wants sex but with Chris he really wants love

Erik Sheppard: Wow that that’s insightful yeah it is actually okay what our peak winter all right what are people saying on the thing I’m the thing I’m the thing

D.C. Douglas: Oh the thing it’s a great piece a thank you you’re cute when you’re square oh that’s good because I swear a lot yeah talk about your opinion of dick manana I’m gonna grab that one I’m gonna take that bull by the horn okay hold on I could pull this up they get work okay there you go yeah

Erik Sheppard: Okay so you know what let me segue into this one because okay this is again we touched on this a little bit this is your again you talk to these people like on Twitter and stuff and this stuff stemmed again from these these fandoms these people you know these super fans and they’re big fans of us they’re fans of voice over people you know as part of the the character and like you said you know they’re very you know this is a huge thing for them that they’re into this show or they’re not right so I mean of course especially that would that show because they did they grew up with that so well there’s a you know there’s a button there’s so many of these things so you got these super fans for this thing and super fans for that and again you know I know a my wife started to get into that stuff then you get fit and then some of them are scary but there’s a there’s a problem in some of these phantoms and this isn’t like a sweeping generalization or whatever so I apologize if it sounds like that but there is in some of the video game fandoms and definitely the anime fandoms and there is a sub section or subgroup of these then it’s like almost violence misogyny that this this like girls are yucky thing but it’s coming from grown men like these aren’t seven year olds you know that are out there then I don’t know your Twitter or whatever a blob like these are you know supposedly grown-ass man and they’re what is that movie that’s out now it’s like a superhero theme of Marvel Captain Marvel yeah do it they were like showing up on Ron tomatoes before it even came out and painting the thing because like what are you quite like how old are you are you insane and these types of people it seems are going after you because you got embroiled into this big thing because if there’s some dramatic dramatic thing happening you’re a part of it yeah no no no but that’s the thing as I’m not a part of it but they wanted to drag me in because it was it was and I’ll tell you why so but there’s oh there’s so you hit on my cousin several things there the the in actually what’s gone on with that whole big hashtag war or whatever is is is definitely a microcosm of what happens with these other larger national issues and like the Captain Marvel stuff in that there is first off yes there’s a lot of Mossad this is what whole gamergate thing was about and anyway I wouldn’t get into that stuff but but there’s you talk to talk to any female gamer and there’s by the way they make up maybe even more they may make up more than 50% of the people who play games but asking when they go I forget what they call it when you go and you connect to other strangers and you all can play the game as a group or talk to each other most of these girls have to put it on mute or have to pretend that they’re not oh you know change their their their name and avatar so that they don’t know that they’re a woman because of the way they talk to them once they realize they’re there they have you know different genitalia and it’s and so it starts young and those guys did get older and they got more political and so those are the ones that you’re hearing now on it like Captain Marvel stuff and all of that so yeah there’s this but that when you say it’s a huge problem in the anime community it’s a huge problem in any group of people that you get and just end the product and the other thing is we only evolve as a culture but it’s it’s it doesn’t repeat but it rhymes as they say with history and it’s the same thing with I think cultural awareness so even though a certain generation finally comes comes to realize hey maybe we should all be like equal then there’s the other generation that’s coming up behind that they haven’t quite gotten the message yet and so they expressed that kind of ignorance a little differently or in a new or via a new platform technology platforms such as gaming or something so anyway there’s that thing but about the thick stuff what I wanted to say is the I’ve never said that I was hashtag this or hashtag that my when I made any statement it was initially when stories the stories came out is I said support these people that come out with their stories don’t attack them you can still withhold judgment of Vic if you’d like because you’re not judge and jury and that’s all I said and then of course what are people doing they’re all attacking the victims and all of that and it’s all it’s all so black and white and then once you a hashtag something and it becomes that kind of a thing it’s just an it’s just an idiocy it’s a warhead to see and the problem is is that half the people that are on those hashtags are very young and so they we all start you know thinking and tribal terms first and only later do we see more gray in the world and nuance and and so I think that’s a big part of what what initially happened but I think somebody either had a little troll farm or bought a little troll farm because what happened is and and and I’ve included spotting trolls because I remember I remember the tea party stuff and I remember the Trump election and looking into these accounts and there’s ways that you can tell even if you don’t run an algorithm machine on them you can all go into their account and look at things and there’s a lot of telltale signs though but there a that hashtag got I say taken over but to be more specific got co-opted by this little troll farm either working for free or not and it’s definitely a troll farm because it’s the same five people that are generating the 5060 accounts and coming back at you especially if you get blocked it because you’re using the same language and they’re referring to stuff they said in their other account all of that and in there making hay with it to make political points – there’s a larger point to it so when I’m commenting on something on CNN about Trump and then somebody comes back at me and they’re like you know why do you want to see the the Muller Report why can’t you just believe bar because and that’s why you should is it like believe all women and why do you should Vick as innocence will prove you like what wait we were talking about bar and Muller and political corruption that has nothing to do with this other stuff going on over here so that’s my big beef and that’s why I’ve stayed like kind of back and forth kind of dancing with it is because I like to point out that [expletive] because that’s the that’s just the utter [expletive] and every now and then there’s people they come at me black and white with assumptions based off of misinformation just like you’re the Geico gecko no I was never the Gecko you know that kind of stuff it’s just like frickin do your research first before you go attacking somebody and even then why are you attacking them if you did the research on me you’d go it’s like it’s I took a nuanced stance they don’t know how to [expletive] respond to it so they have to put me into one category or the other but I’m neither so that’s my opinion on it um I as I initially said in my thread a long time ago I met dick and several conventions I seen his table it’s usually covered with people so I don’t even see what’s going on there and that’s all I know of the guy I’m not from Texas I’ve never been live in Texas or worked for the Texas companies Funimation did a remote thing here with me four years ago for one hour for one piece and that was it so I don’t know anything about that so am i withholding it of judgment on it yeah I was for a long while after the amount of stories that come out and people Funimation and roosterteeth doing their internal investigations and come to their things it’s like well there’s a lot of smoke anyway but other than that I don’t give a [expletive] I don’t really give a [expletive] he’s I don’t know him and just because you love a cartoon or an anime so much doesn’t mean that because that person may or may be guilty of those things or some of those things most likely some of those things because you know a lot of young people also start just getting crazy with silly stuff like you know you looked at me weird but the but even if he is guilty of some of those things you could still love the show you can still love the character you can do all of that it’s it’s the it’s the kind of the tribal jingoistic [expletive] stuff that then gets people acting stupid well deaf anyway so it’s so weird because the you know again the fandom is so like there it’s such a this is my theory again this is a very this is a small small subset but I think you have some some of these dudes and they’re kind of you know like stereotypical kind of geeky dudes you know and so they’re not getting laid at all you know like they didn’t shake her but again this is a small set but I think these are the ones that go violent like the the you know they didn’t date the cheerleader so instead of like hating themselves they’re like being cooler like normal people they just start with this site they now they’re woman haters so now they just they don’t like women so now they used to have you know a thing that was you know more male oriented there were more like when I was growing up like girls weren’t into that stuff you know like there’s like the D&D guys like those were you know like the hardcore guys that you know that like this stuff and now everybody’s into it and all these girls are there and they’re still stuck in this girls are yucky kind of thing and I think that’s where a lot of it comes from so that but anyone is doing anything about like their below and they get this a dude who voices something that you would like like that’s you’re confusing the person with the product in the end of whatever and it’s but it’s amazing how strong these feelings are and if you want it’s called its idolatry so would yeah but it’s not we don’t have folks that are like death threats that’s that’s not like oh camp like that dead like golden [ __ ] jail dude because they’re women out of like you know the middle of the night they’re like is that some crazed psycho that’s gonna kick down the door because they didn’t like that I defended myself over some guy who does a thing in the cartoon that they like thing that I’ve ever

D.C. Douglas: Heard but what I want to say about that also is in what you were describing about those guys and all and one of the points that was initially going to make is that ignorance and hate is is taught to you you you learn that from your environment so it’s not like oh I love D&D and all of a sudden the yep you girls have come in it’s you thought girls were yucky all along and you also have this idea of this privilege that this game is just our game and but that hate and that kind of that just stupid thinking is is taught it’s taught by your environment by your family by your friends what have you and then when you get older and if you have not come out of it if you’ve instead use things to reinforce it or you you know maybe you have mental issues as well but it’s it’s then it comes out and those horrific you know death threats [expletive] there’s an account by Philippe on Instagram like be a by Felicia but it’s by Philippe and it’s women adult women who to differentiate from like young thing it’s right but whatever and it’s about the messages oh I suppose mothering it’s about the messages they’ve gotten from guys that like try to hit on them and maybe they politely say no and then it’s about how they come back at them because their semi-anonymous or just you —

[See video for more – transcription was not good for this video.]