Anne Thériault’s “The Feminist in the Wild”

Anne Thériault’s “The Feminist in the Wild”

While doing auditions from my home studio I stumbled upon tweets from Anne Thériault
that began with “narrator.” I couldn’t resist and started recording…

Well, the silly voice file I originally posted here garnered 6000+ hits in 24 hours… A voice file!

So, being the creative whore I am, I knew I needed to escalate the moment. 48 hours later, Anne Thériault, Rachael Leone and I give you THIS:

Please feel free to share with all you know!
(TYPO in credits because I’m a dufus! Rachael’s last name is with ONE ‘n!”)

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Anne Thériault: Patreon | Blog
Rachael Leone: Deviant Art
And me! (well, you’re already here..)

The Press Release:

Los Angeles, CA (TSG) July 31, 2015. What started as a series of tweets from Toronto based feminist writer, Anne Theriault, escalated into a full blown animated short once Hollywood actor and voiceover artist, D.C. Douglas, saw them online while in his home studio recording auditions. He recorded the tweets and posted it on his website, then tweeted the link to Ms. Theriault. Thousands of clicks and an hour later Mr. Douglas realized her tweets deserved more than just some mock nature narration.

“That’s when I drafted Rachael Leone, an amazingly fast and talented animator to help me bring Anne’s tweets to life.,” says Douglas, “I asked Anne if she wanted to add anything to the script and then 48 hours later we had this awesome little piece.”

The five minute video, Anne Theriault’s “The Feminist in the wild,” is a riff on nature documentaries, only the subject is a pack of intersectional feminists stalking men’s rights activists. The video is being released this morning via twitter and various online outlets.

D.C. Douglas has appeared on over a hundred film and TV shows but is primarily known for his voivce over work as Albert Wesker in the “Resident Evil” video game series, Legion in the “Mass Effect” video game series and as Chase on Discovery Family Channel’s “Transformers: Rescue Bots.”

Anne Theriault is a Toronto-based writer. Her work can be found in such varied publications as The Washington Post, Vice, The Daily Dot and The Toast. Her blog, The Belle Jar, is a collection of essays on feminism, social justice, mental health, and parenting.

Rachael Leone is Pennsylvania based artist and animator who is currently working on another animated short with Mr. Douglas that will be premiering at film festivals later this year.