An After Geico Thank You

An After Geico Thank You

The past two weeks have been one helluva roller coaster ride.  For those who wonder what this is about, you can read about it all here:

FreedomWorks, GEICO and Tortious Interference and Cleaning Up After The Circus

The thing that stands out the most was the wondrous outpouring of support I received from friends, clients and strangers alike.   I may have lost a profitable gig, but in its place, I connected with a huge community of like-minded people.  Below are a sampling of the hundreds of emails I received and entries posted on my fan page.

I could’ve let the whole thing pass without letting anyone know what happened (and saved myself some ugly hate mail), but that seemed wrong.  When a small group instills enough fear to get a private citizen fired, then people need to stop and take notice.

Thanks for supporting my right to be heard.  And for acknowledging the un-American/un-Christian tactics of FreedomWorks.

Here are a few samples of support I received.  These first two were especially important to me.

Mr. Douglas,

I am sorry about what happened to you. I very much support the Tea Party movement, but I think you have a right to your free speech.  I don’t like what you said, but I just really hate what happened after you said it. I think it was wrong of Freedomworks to make your message public!

I wish you well, and hope you get your job back.

Tari N.

First let me say that I am a Conservative and a member of the Tea Party movement… I completely disagree with your position on and impression of the Tea Party and I believe your comments were over the top….but I do not think ANYONE, regardless of their politics, should be fired from their jobs for expressing themselves. So from that perspective I stand with you and again.. I’m sorry that you got fired.


Dede T.

Dear D.C.,

I just wanted to let you know that I support you 100%. What you did not only took guts but was justifiable. … I am hoping and truly believe that you have started a groundswell movement… GOOD WORK BRO!!!!!!!!!!  You have my total respect and admiration for what its worth.  Thank you and I wish you the best of luck,

Sincelely, Cliff


I’m sure your life has pretty well been turned upside down with all that is going on. Just to let you know I really believe in your talent and I plan to use you more in the future — not less.

Later, Gary M.

Hi DC,

No organization should have the power to deprive you of your right of free speech and right to privacy, and they did just that.  I think your responses have been measured, elegant and sublimely humorous, which just makes the FreedomWorks gang look more ridiculous.  Nice job.

Mike W.


I am sorry you lost your job; I had not known your name before this flap. But I just want to say, congratulations. That was a brilliant phone message, and I think you delivered with panache.

Your eloquent message to them, now public, obviously had a down side – you were fired – but the upside is now you have one more fan. Me.

Wendy W.

Hello Mr. Douglas,

I come from a very conservative family, and my mother is an active tea party member who is a fan of Dick Armey…. I still don’t think their actions were right. You left your number for FreedomWorks to address you. Not for extremist “Christian-loving, God-fearing” radicals to harass you.

I’m sure things will be working alright for you despite losing Geico, you always have my support in going against such fear-mongering tactics.

Charlie T.

Sorry the ******** at “freedomworks” made you a martyr. Tell me what products you still endorse, I’ll buy them, tell my friends to buy them and tell the companies that make them why I buy them (yes, I know it’s cheesy-but money makes the world run and might as well turn the system to your advantage).

Mel B.

sorry you got in trouble for that voicemail… but wow, that was AWESOME. just wanted to say you have my full support.

Sam R.


I had been following the story behind recent events. I simply hope all is ok, and wanted to let you know we support you here.

**** and myself were shocked by your story, and saddened that people still exist that think like they do in 2010, towards other races. My wife being African American, I can understand how what TBaggers do and say can make someone that angry. It has that affect on me.

All of our best to you,
Steve J.

Dear DC,

My condolences on the loss of the GEICO contract. Their (Freedom Works) actions were completely out-of-line. I’ll be sure to share your blog to spread the awareness.

All my best,


Sorry people have so little sense of humor – but maybe it will cause more interest in you. I enjoy the sound of your voice – but didn’t know your name. Now I do. & Your YouTube video is funny & to the point!
Alison A.

And from the FaceBook Fan Page

Joel T: I’ve been a fan of yours for awhile now, especially with the fantastic work you’ve done as Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil games (a favorite series of mine)! I’m very sad to hear about the junk that the tea baggers are putting you through and hope it will come to an end soon… I swear, those people think free speech only applies to them and their one dimensional views… Here’s to more D.C. Douglas (especially as Wesker)! 🙂

Seth J: This whole mess is ridiculous, but then everything these people do, and stand for, is ridiculous. Keep up the good fight!!


Elizabeth B: I think that is so wrong, letting you go. Good luck to you.

Ken J: Hey, D.C. I’m proud of you for taking the stand. Clearly you didn’t intend to be thrust into the spotlight over your clever and amusing voicemail, but you’re handling it very well.

Chong B: Big love from jersey!

Corey E: Haha, holy crap. I just lauged so hard listening to your message. You are my hero.

Laurie B: Isn’t it nice to know that the land we live in–the land of free speech–gives you holy hell when you speak your mind/voice your opinion?? FreedomWorks is acting like a spoiled child that got it’s feelings hurt. I’m sorry that you got fired. Keep your chin up and to hell with FreedomWorks.

Adam R: I hope that only good things come out of this for you.

Val J: I’m in YOUR corner, man! WOW! When U speak up for something REAL, folks just can’t take it. Really shows off our “democracy” and freedom of speech, doesn’t it?! Wishing U the BEST, D.C….and seriously thinking about switching to Progressive now.

John B: You are Awesome. Thank You for using your right to free speach. I’m on your side, and agree with your views of the Pee Party.

Thomas B: Hi, I just listened to your call to The Tea Party People…………RIGHT ON!

Sherry M: LOVED your call to Freedom Works- Lots of courage, thanks for speaking out. I truly appreciate your voice, there are not many who want to take on the power group of the teabaggers and their volumn of hatred. Keep up the “good fight”. Also, if there is any way I could be helpful, to join in the fight, send me a private email at the above link on the Perspectives forum. THANKS!

Chris S: I have also wondered what percentage of the Freedomworks gang is mentally ill. A fair question in my book. And Geico has no business firing employees for expressing opinions. I’m calling them tomorrow and voicing my disdain. I may even switch to Progressive.

Jack B: I heard you on the Thom Hartmann show – you have another fanhere (for what it”s worth) good luck

Bill R: D.C I hope this insane media whirlwind passes quickly so you and your family can move on to bigger and better things. The wife and I just found out about you and really enjoyed reading your blogs, etc. We stand by you and your right to express your opinions in anyway shape or form, and hope others learn from what has happened. Last time I checked it was still America. I hope that a career in radio may be in your future, you seem like a person that could bring great content to the airwaves. You would be an instant hit.

Katrina H: I had never heard of you until now and I must say you friggin rule. I loved the phone call and will do whatever I can to support you… let us know what you need and we’ll have your back! We are”The Other 98%” and proud.

Stacy H: Dear D.C., you are my hero, ? Me

Joel H: Dear D.C.
First of all I know you regret the way in which you expressed your views. However, I like so many others that believe in free speech applaud you for telling those t-baggers exactly what a lot of people in your position think of them. Sadly, they lack the courage do so and for that I am grateful.
I did notice that the leader of the t-baggers asked all of his members to call you at home since you posted your phone number. To call you and let you know that they are indeed not “retarded”.
I’m guessing your phone never rang!

Bruce K: If I had any reason whatsoever to employ a VO artist I’d hire you in a heartbeat.


John P: Fight the good fight! I’m with you.

Beryl B: Bravo on your voice mail to Freedom Works…

Corey S: Saying what 100 million other people are thinking might be impolitic, but it certainly cannot be wrong.

Ted K: You have my support, as well.

Sandra S: The Constitutional right to free speech is now only for teabaggers so they can yell hate at rallies and encourage each others to “lock & load”. They feel it’s freedom of expression to carry pictures of President Obama looking like Hitler or to carry guns to the steps of the White House. I support you, D.C. Douglas, for calling them out on this hypocrisy.

Nicole Sandler: I was fortunate enough to have D.C. Douglas – Actor & Voiceover Artist on my show tonight, talking about his ill-fated vm message and the loss of his GEICO announcing gig because of it. In case you missed the show, here’s the link…

Jeff S: Thank you for taking a stand. I wish more people would do the same. If I had a huge company that needed a voice, I’d hire you in a minute, even though I make a living in VO too.

Jean E: Just heard the news on TYT. You’ve handled yourself with class. Too bad Geico didn’t.

Russell T: good to see you not backing down. great job! and now you’ve joined that pantheon of celebrated anti-morons and anti-haters. nice.

Lefty S: D.C., YOU ARE AWESOME!! I know what you did cost you your job, but it was amazing nonetheless!! You rock!

Kourt L: No matter what! You will always have my looove! 😀