Elizabeth Stevenson

Elizabeth Stevenson

I learned today that Elizabeth Stevenson died on August 19th, 2013.

I didn’t know Elizabeth as a person, only as a fan. But she was the first fan of mine I became aware of after the release of Resident Evil:ย Umbrella Chronicles, a game series she loved. ย We’d responded to each other on my Facebook page and blog over the last 6 years.

Last March I was a guest at Sac-Con in Sacramento, where she lived. She wasn’t able to attend due to her work schedule. So, while on a break from my con guest duties, I drove to her workplace and surprised her with a signed photo and hug.

My first and only time meeting her. She was jubilant, sweet and lovely.

My deepest condolences go out her sweet sister and family.

If you knew her (she went by ChaosPhoto) please take a moment to write a note to her family by going here.