Fans and Flames: Trumping Trumpsters

Fans and Flames: Trumping Trumpsters

I am honored and tickled that I (a middle-aged character actor who remains fairly unknown within the industry) has an actual fan base. Brings me joy and ego boosts.

But all this cyber interactivity was eventually going to lead me to this post. I thought the obvious negatives and insanity of Trump would speak for itself so I left my Tweaked Nipple adventures behind for the 2016 race. I was wrong.

Yesterday I posted this video on my Facebook fan page with these words: “Not telling you to vote for her. I just think this jiu-jitsu attack ad is perfect. #NeverTrump

Later, someone wrote something factually wrong and sexist, so I deleted, banned and responded with this comment:
dc douglas response

Yes, harsh – but being intolerant of intolerance is a virtue in my book. 😉

Then I woke up this morning to this comment:

Fan on Facebook trump

I love having fans, but I don’t like having to pretend I’m neutral – especially in a year when we have a Clown Mussolini™ on the loose.

Now I’m not going to hold the hand of every Trump supporter who comments on my Facebook page/twitter/tumblr/snapchat, but I will take a moment for this guy and then use this post link as a generic response from here on out.

Before I begin, it’s helpful to understand (talking to you Trump supporters) that Trump traffics in rumor and innuendo (“People tell me… That’s what I’ve been hearing”) – those aren’t facts. It’s a BS responsibility dodge.

In addition, his main weapon when he perceives a slight is name calling and projection – psychological projection. He’s accused of racist remarks? “YOU’RE a racist.” Accused of sexist remarks? “YOU’RE a sexist,” etc etc etc. [Read more.]

Now, regarding this kids response to the post comment wherein I said, “Banning hardcore Trump supporters because, you know, it’s my page and White Power racists and misogynists can suck it.” (I will only address the issues he raised. For information about Trumps most dangerous positions, see this.)

There are many links to help clarify the points made. It’s up to you to click.


IB: As the last voice of Albert Wesker, you were awesome to me but hardcore Trump supporters can suck it? YOU can suck it.

ME: Thanks for the compliment. Love voicing Wesker. Now, what shall we both suck?

IB: White power racists and misogynists? Damn if that isn’t Hillary Clinton to the T!

ME: Not at all. I sound like me. DC. Who has been following politics for 30 years. The me who saw the media manipulation by the Bush administration to start an illegal war. The me that watched the Iran-Contra hearings daily. The me that saw how Iran manipulated the Carter/Reagan race so Carter would be defeated.

IB: The current Grand Wizard and most of the KKK both endorse Hillary and donated $20,000 dollars to her campaign.

ME: You read too much alt-right BS Breitbart hate machine blogs. He was a probable hoax. Where as Trump has retweeted white supremacists over 75 times. Just go peruse all the accounts that follow him. It’s pretty enlightening. He also has a long history of racist remarks and action.

IB: She defended the rapist of a 12 year old girl in court and laughed how she got him off.

ME: She defended him because she was a public defender and they don’t get to CHOOSE who they defend. As for the laughing – see interview in full context. She was laughing at the system’s inanity – not the horror of that girl being raped.

IB: She attacks the dozens of women that have accused her husband of rape,

ME: When you’re running for highest office – you will get all sorts of claims to derail you. If you’re married to that person, wouldn’t you defend them with a passion? Currently, Trump has rape allegations, as well. No convictions. Just like Bill. If you were accused of rape, would you want your wife to throw you under the bus? Her crime is defending her husband. Remember, Bill isn’t running for president. Trump is – and his ex-wife accused him of rape (since recanted), as well as others.  I assume his wife supports him.

IB: sold 20 percent of our uranium rights to Russia,

ME: False. Here’s where it’s obvious you’re not doing any homework.

IB: has had dozens of people mysteriously die associated with her and her husband,

ME: And now you’re through the looking glassConspiracy theories of this level are just plain ridiculous. It takes a shit load of people to keep their mouths shut for a lifetime to make that work. People struggling with the chaos of life resort to conspiracies to make their world manageable. As for this claim, I guess that means Lorne Michaels has been killing off a lot of SNL stars.

IB: takes money from countries that stone and kill gay people, etc.

ME: That’s a half-truth spouted by Trump for applause. Our country GIVES money & support to same countries. Trump is indebted to Russia (try being gay there). Her foundation is highest rated by Charity Navigator where as Trumps foundation takes in charitable donations then gives them to organizations that turn around and give money to Trump directly (i.e. the police union).

IB: Shall I go on? Hurry and respond because “7 minutes, 7 minutes is all I have for you…” Lol.

ME: Sure, go on, but lies, innuendo and projection will only get you more of what you already are – ignorant.

Being ignorant of the facts is, for me, excusable because politics is exhausting and disheartening. No one wants to fact check every damn thing. We all suffer bias confirmation and the media certainly doesn’t help much. But WILLFUL ignorance IS INEXCUSABLE. This guy is contributing to the intellectual decay. As is Trump.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate debate and have no problem with people wanting to support people and policies different than than ones I support… With a few important caveats:

If you support inequality for gender, sexuality or race on my social media.
If you promote widely debunked information about the things I support on my social media.
If you’re just kind of a dick on my social media.

Then I will block you. Because life is short.

And for those saying it’s no big deal if he wins, please remember that George Bush (as nice of a guy as he probably is) surrounded himself with deplorable neocons who influenced him. The result? Hundreds of thousands dead. Your vote matters. Vote.

“POLITICO’s analysis of polling data suggests 11 states will determine the next president: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.” If you live in one of those states – PLEASE VOTE.

* Note that these are various sources. Not just the Breitbart website – which is an ugly corner of the internet where sexism, racism and other isms flourish.

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