Capcom Interviews Albert Wesker Voice Actor

Capcom Interviews Albert Wesker Voice Actor

CAPCOM TRANSCRIPT: Hey this is DC Douglas and this is an exclusive with unwired TV. I am an actor first and foremost. Started in theater when I was a kid and when I was 19 moved to LA and pursued film and television and along the way did a lot of theater here and then also got into producing and directing and writing of little arty stuff that doesn’t make money but makes my soul happy. And then to put bread on the table, actually more than bread, usually fattening foods, but anyway to put food on the table I did voiceover, a lot of promos and commercials and whatnot. Also known for doing the tag announcer on the Geico celebrity spots. And then on occasion I do video games, anime and also US stuff. And I was cast for I think it was some other random roles for “Umbrella Chronicles” and then I was brought back an audition for Wesker as a voice replacement and that’s how I started working with Capcom. Did the Wesker on the “Umbrella Chronicles” and then later on they brought me back for “Resident Evil 5″, having no idea how huge the whole thing was, but it’s been a fun ride.

The experience with “Resident Evil 5” was unique compared to any other video game that I’ve done in that it was facial mocap which I had never done before. Actually, if I backtrack a little, they went and auditioned to do the physical mocap for the character Wesker because I think they have the idea that they’d like it if it was all in one. The irony was is that they called me in for this audition a week after I had thrown my back out and I literally the worst I’d ever thrown it out. So I went in, I said as long as I’m not doing like kind of stunt stuff I’d probably could, you know, walk around and be him. And I went there and of course the audition is now you tumble this way, you roll that way, you flip back. Now it is like yeah, I won’t be doing that. But then I was very excited to find out that there was also going to be facial mocap. And so that was very unusual and there were several sessions over a period of I think it was a year. You go in and they put the dots on the face and then you’d go in and they’d make sure that all the cameras were sanctum. It’s you were surrounded by cameras and blazers that were going to get all these dots. And then once they had all that whatever set up properly then would go and would record other words over.

Albert Wesker is DC Douglas

And actually prior to doing the voice-over we had to go through a series of steps since the computers could get synced up to the face, I guess, where you’d go through all the vowels and different facial movements. So it was really fascinating. And then of course vocal quality wise, it’s the Wesker of all the video games that I’ve done. Wesker was very difficult in that someone else has done it before, several people have done it before. And usually when I do video games it’s I’m doing the character for the first time or there was one other person who had done it and then they brought me in to do it. And so in this particular case, they had several really good actors who had done the voice before, who had laid put their mark on the role. I had to incorporate those into a new version of it because each game they always want to push in one direction or another. And in “Resident Evil 5” they had a specific direction they wanted to go in.

I can’t tell you, sorry, to be honest with you I have no idea. It seems to me like he died. I acted like he died because I blew my voice out doing the lava scene. So I really, I can’t tell you. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say that I did a prequel thing for something else which I’m not going to say any names for. And it was a very short thing but that’s out there, but that was a prequel thing. And I have no idea about the future. I hope he’s not dead. I hope he’s a clone and he gets to come back, another version of him actually, several of that would be wonderful actually, if there were three Weskers in another one because then I could do all three. I believe that would be three times the pain. Always with the questions.

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Ah yes, I do play Wesker in “Dark Chronicles” for the Wii. I don’t know how much I should tell you but I’m there if you look for me. That it was called resident Wesker? No. I admire the other actors who have voiced Wesker before, but there’s nothing like being able to be the person to create the voice, to be able to do it from the ground floor up. And to go from game to game to game and the so much freedom with that create creatively. And you’d set your stamp on it. And so that was the biggest challenge, that this Wesker was incorporating those voices. So if I could wish anything it would be that nobody had ever voiced him before and it was me. That being said, I do give props to Richard Waugh and Peter Jessop, I believe. They’re sorry, I don’t know the names of the I think was another guy or two that had to had done it as well. Then I get props to all of them because it’s a freaking hard business to make a living in. And so I learned.