Hanging Up The Wesker Shades

Hanging Up The Wesker Shades

Why I Am No Longer The Voice of Albert Wesker

My journey as Wesker in the “Resident Evil” franchise culminated with “Teppen” in 2019, marking more than a decade of bad assery and hysterical memories. My final gig with Capcom was a 2-day test performance-capture shoot in 2020 – not a game.

As negotiations for future projects did not align with our mutual goals, I have embraced the end of this era with gratitude and some relief — not sure how Wesker would sound like when I’m 80. Throughout these years, Capcom’s decisions on casting have understandably been influenced by various logistics and economic considerations, so no hard feelings here.

I had hoped to craft a heartfelt love-letter to this chapter, celebrating Wesker and you guys, the fans. Unfortunately, due to recent events – all set in motion by one person, I’m just writing this post.

Resident Evil Rumors & Bad Actors

Heather Vandagriff, in an effort to damage my relationship with Capcom, wrote a defamatory Reddit post claiming I leaked “Resident Evil 4” artwork online. I did no such thing. Here is what I did do: I called her out on her questionable running of a “fans of DC Douglas” discord server that was started by her in my name without my permission earlier this year.

Because that conversation didn’t go well, she left the streaming group I had assembled during the pandemic and began to do everything she could think of to tarnish my name and online reputation, including joining my stalker in her efforts. (I have written about her elsewhere and if you end up down that rabbit hole – God help you.)

Needless to say, gaming blogs and strangers ran with Heather’s efforts and the rest, as they [will] say, is stupid internet history.

So… There it is. Now I will log off and enjoy real life, flesh-and-blood people who have to look me in the eye, and new gigs playing creepy villains.

2023 Update

A year and a half of cons later you all made me realize this – I will forever be your Albert Wesker in these games:


And forever Wesker-inspired in these 2 films:

Image: Movie poster for the "apocalypse kiss" set in a post-apocalyptic world, featuring a close-up of Adrian, a blonde man with an intense gaze. Text overlay introduces his character as a narciss -- D.C. Douglas
CLICK TO WATCH SOME SCENES (a flash of my butt has this restricted 🤣)

And, please, never forget the love I showed y’all with these fan service videos:

Image: A muscular man with a serious expression, reminiscent of Albert Wesker, stands amid flames, his torso bare, lit dramatically by fiery light that casts deep shadows, highlighting his chiseled features and physique -- D.C. Douglas
WATCH: The Resident Evil / Albert Wesker Parody Videos & More!

And, most importantly, thanks to ALL the volunteers who joined me on stage for my Notorious [Zombie Related] Erotic Fanfic Show! You helped me feed my love of live performance!

D.C. Douglas Image - the final notorious albert weske 1 e1713823398426
WATCH NOW! (Definitely NSFW! But 90 minutes of oh so funny!)

Image: A series of photos showing a panel discussion at Youmacon with speakers laughing and interacting jovially. Captions reveal the topic as "The Notorious Albert Wesker Erotic Fanfic Panel. -- D.C. Douglas

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