When Voice Actors Collide

When Voice Actors Collide

Today was the first recording session of Transformers: Rescue Bots season 2!  This particular episode has a guest actor.  Last night I noticed it was Roger Craig Smith!  (Resident Evil fans will know him as Chris Redfield, who returns next week in Resident Evil 6… No, I won’t be returning.  I’m dead.  Deal, people.)

This led to a little iphone inspiration…

Somedays I really see what a unique job I have.  So many games and characters represented in the entry way of our recording studio.  Enjoy!

As for me, I get up in five hours for a 7 am recording session in Hollywood for a Target radio spot, then off to LAX and Canterlot Gardens in Ohio this weekend!  (See? Editing and posting this now is but more proof that OCD rides shotgun in my life.)  Follow me on twitter or Facebook for odd, fun and banal updates!

* Egg line ® Liam O’Brien.