Albert Wesker: Dead But Still Kicking

Albert Wesker: Dead But Still Kicking

Since Capcom announced that Albert Wesker will be a playable character in “Revelations 2” Raid Mode I am allowed to finally admit I DID record Wesker’s voice earlier this year! Whew!

That was a hard secret to keep…

I can also say that “Revelations 2” is the ONLY Wesker I’ve recorded since the anniversary commercial and “Mercenaries 3D” video game (except for a few pachinko games you can only play in Japan).

Hopefully this translates into even more cons booking me in 2015 – as I really dig meeting you guys!

But “Revelations 2” isn’t the only thing you can find me in soon. In fact, released TODAY is “The Crew!” I play yet another Boss in story-mode. If you wanna be my best friend, send me YouTube links to my scenes! (Seriously, I would be super grateful and will send you signed pics!)


And next year you can see me in “The Haunted Hathaways” playing a snooty ghost tour guide. Episode airs in February sometime.

That’s all for now. I leave you with my ass: