Good Night, Citizen, and Thank You!

Good Night, Citizen, and Thank You!

Cable shows don’t usually get the word they are done. They just never get that call for the next season. Sometimes, like with “Transformers: Rescue Bots,” we would go a year before getting that call.

Well, yesterday it was announced that there was a spin-off show in development – “Rescue Bots Academy” – and that our show is being referred to in past terms. (Clarity note: the new show may feature Chase, but looks like voices are being cast outside of LA. [Update: it’s confirmed they are using a non-union cast from NY, including Optimus Prime’s voice.])

I can say without a doubt my awesome ride as Chase is over. But what a ride it was!

I want to thank you all for loving “Transformers: Rescue Bots” like you did! We had an amazing FOUR season run – the longest running Transformers cartoon in history! I was honored to be not only a Transformer, but a funny police car that meant a lot to children.

Add in the fact I got to work with such amazing talent (Lacey Chabert, Maurice LaMarche, LeVar Burton, Steve Blum, Mark Hamill, Jason Marsden, Shannon Mckain, Imari K. Williams, Tim Curry, Jeff Bennett, Parvesh Cheena, Diamond White, Elian Garfias, Kath Soucie, Peter Cullen and so many more) and I have to think it was one of those lightening in a bottle chapters of my life.

I also have to thank Ginny McSwain for snagging my audition and throwing it on the “preferred” pile. And for her amazing direction. I learned so much working with her.

And, of course, none of it would have been possible if not for Jeff Kline, Nicole Dubuc and Brian Hohlfeld (as well as the other 25+ writers and countless production team members… And our very own Judge πŸ€—)

I think what these super talented folks created (and I got to be a part of) is truly classic TV. The end of my ride is made a little easier knowing the show will definitely live on in streaming TV land, making even more kids – who have yet to be born – happy (along with their grateful parents)…

So… *Ahem* This is Chase, signing off. Remember, children, always be a good citizen!

Welcome to Griffin Rock: A Detailed Look at Transformers: Rescue Bots

Greetings from Griffin Rock! I am Chase, the police-bot, and it’s my honor to guide you through an exclusive introduction to my fellow Rescue Bots and the dedicated humans we partner with. Together, we keep our island a safe haven for everyone.

The Main Cast of Rescue Bots

Our team consists of several key members, each with specialized abilities that help us in our rescue missions:

  • Heatwave (voiced by Steve Blum): The leader of our team, transforming into a fire engine, Heatwave is always ready to dive into action and tackle any fiery situations.
  • Boulder (voiced by Imari Williams): As a construction-bot, Boulder’s strength is unmatched. He’s your go-to bot for any heavy lifting and building needs.
  • Blades (voiced by Parvesh Cheena): Blades takes to the skies as a rescue helicopter, providing air support and carrying out aerial rescues that are beyond the reach of the rest of us.
  • Chase (voiced by D.C. Douglas): That’s me! I uphold the laws in Griffin Rock and ensure that peace is maintained, all while transforming into a police car.

The Burns Family

No team is complete without its human counterparts, and the Burns family is crucial to our operations:

  • Chief Charlie Burns (voiced by Maurice LaMarche): The head of the Burns family and our team leader on the human side, guiding us with his wisdom and experience.
  • Cody Burns (voiced by Γ‰lan Garfias): The youngest member of the Burns family, Cody is not only a friend but also an innovator who often helps us adapt to Earth’s ways.
  • Kade Burns (voiced by Jason Marsden): As a firefighter, Kade often works closely with Heatwave, tackling fires and rescue missions with courage.
  • Graham Burns (voiced by Shannon McKain): An engineer whose knowledge is invaluable, especially in dealing with Boulder’s technical needs.
  • Dani Burns (voiced by Lacey Chabert): A pilot and daredevil, Dani partners with Blades to perfect our aerial operations.

Notable Guest Characters

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous guest characters who brought unique challenges and stories to our lives:

  • Doctor Morocco (voiced by Tim Curry): A brilliant but nefarious scientist whose schemes have often put Griffin Rock in peril, prompting many of our more intense rescue operations.
  • Frankie Greene (voiced by Diamond White): The daughter of Professor Greene, Frankie is a young genius whose inventions and insights have frequently aided our missions.
  • Professor Anna Baranova (voiced by Kath Soucie): A robotics expert whose collaboration has been vital in some of our specialized missions.
  • Mayor Luskey (voiced by Jeff Bennett): The mayor of Griffin Rock, whose decisions often lead to unexpected adventures (and misadventures).

Join Us for More Adventures

Our journey continues as we face new challenges and welcome more allies. Keep watching and join us in our relentless commitment to protection and service. Remember, in Griffin Rock, no call for help goes unanswered.