Gamers For Sandy Hook

Gamers For Sandy Hook

The world is a non-stop flood of the wonderful and the obscene. It is constant and amplified through our technological evolution. This also means apathy grows in proportion to it. When it’s the unspeakable, it’s an apathy for emotional preservation.

But, every so often, certain events pierce the hardened shell of a society barely keeping it’s balance on the tilt-a-whirl of time. And it briefly slows – the horror and empathy pulling society into a raw awareness.

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, was such an event.

Last week I was contacted by a group of gamers who had joined together to act on those feelings. They started Gamers For Sandy Hook. They’re raising funds for the Sandy Hook PTA. Anyone can donate, but they’re reaching out to their fellow gamers, in particular. They asked if I would join voice actors Mark Meer, Kate Drummond, Gwendoline Yeo, and Eliasย Toufexis in supporting their cause. I said yes.

Now I need your help. Please use the video below to help other Albert Wesker and Legion fans get the message. It’s my hope that everyone who ever clicked “follow” on my Twitter account or “Like” on my Facebook page will visit their site and donate at least $5.

I also want to encourage people to visit This is the new organization started by the families of the Sandy Hook victims. Their goal is to inspire change in our society – beyond politics – so families in the future might be spared a similar tragedy. Please check it out.

So… Are you ready to help me impress GamersForSandyHook.orgย (Nick Borrego, Yesika Reyes, Chrissy Shepard, Michael Zack, and Jennifer Munoz)? I’d love it if all my blog readers, Twitter followers and Facebook fans donated enough to surpass their goal ten times! Let’s show the country what a community of gamers can do!

Thanks you!

UPDATE 1/24/13

Highest donation by February 8th gets a Skype date with me!

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