Open Letter to Disney: Make This Star Wars Series

Open Letter to Disney: Make This Star Wars Series

Embrace the Power of The High Republic for a Live-Action Series

Greetings, Disney,

I am Darth Vader, and I come before you to present an idea of tremendous potential. An idea proposed by the insightful Maria Espino on X (Twitter). She suggested a live-action TV show set in The High Republic era, focusing on Dagan Gera versus the Nihil and the events leading to that invasion. This concept has all the elements required for a spectacular series or even a feature film.

“Hey @starwars — how about you give us a live-action TV show from THR that is focused on Dagan Gera vs. the Nihil and what led to that invasion???? THANKS!!!!!!!

You have the formula for a GREAT TV SHOW right there…. like right there…. whyyyyy…… wouldn’t you use it????

I mean you have Cody Fern (voice of Dagan Gera) and Tracy Ifeachor (voice of Santari Khri), and D.C. Douglas (voice of Rayvis) — all amazing talent with live-action experience to boot — literally a phone call away… that’s the show about The High Republic I’d want to see. OR hell… make it into a movie!”

Character Breakdown

Dagan GeraDagan - Star Wars

\Dagan Gera, a formidable Jedi Knight, faced off against the notorious Nihil in an era rife with danger and intrigue. His story is one of heroism and tragedy, making it a perfect focal point for a series. The complex relationship between Dagan and the Nihil offers rich storytelling opportunities, delving into themes of conflict, loyalty, and the struggle between light and darkness.

Santari Khri - Star WarsSantari Khri

Santari Khri, another prominent Jedi, brings wisdom and strength to the narrative. Her connection to Dagan Gera and her own battles against the Nihil add depth to the storyline. Her presence ensures that the series or movie would not only be action-packed but also emotionally resonant, showcasing the enduring spirit of the Jedi Order.

RayvisRayvis - Star Wars

Rayvis, a character whose loyalty to the Nihil is unwavering, provides a compelling antagonist. His interactions with both Dagan Gera and Santari Khri would create intense, memorable scenes. Exploring his motivations and the dynamics within the Nihil could add layers of intrigue and suspense to the plot.

Plot Ideas

Plot Idea 1: The Rise of the Nihil

This plot could explore the origins of the Nihil and their rise to power. Dagan Gera and Santari Khri would lead the charge against this emerging threat, uncovering the sinister plans of Rayvis and his cohorts. The storyline could be filled with epic battles, political intrigue, and deep character development.

Plot Idea 2: The Fall of Dagan Gera

Focusing on the tragic fall of Dagan Gera, this plot could delve into his internal struggles and his ultimate confrontation with the Nihil. The emotional journey of Dagan, his relationship with Santari, and the relentless pursuit by Rayvis would create a gripping and heart-wrenching narrative.

Plot Idea 3: The Legacy of the Jedi

This storyline could explore the aftermath of the battles with the Nihil, highlighting the impact on the Jedi Order and the galaxy. Dagan Gera and Santari Khri could be seen mentoring a new generation of Jedi, while Rayvis seeks revenge. This plot would blend action, mentorship, and the enduring fight for peace and justice.

Spotlight on the Actors

Cody Fern (Dagan Gera)

Cody Fern - Star Wars

Cody Fern has showcased his talent in various roles, both in voiceover and live-action. His portrayal of Dagan Gera in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor video game has been widely praised. Fern’s experience in series like American Horror Story and House of Cards proves his versatility and capability to bring depth to the character of Dagan Gera.

Tracy Ifeachor (Santari Khri)

Tracy Ifeachor - Star Wars

Tracy Ifeachor is renowned for her powerful performances on both stage and screen. Her voice work as Santari Khri adds gravitas to the character, while her live-action roles in series such as Quantico and Doctor Who demonstrate her ability to captivate audiences. Ifeachor’s talent would be invaluable in bringing Santari Khri to life in a live-action format.

D.C. Douglas (Rayvis)

DC Douglas - Star Wars

D.C. Douglas is a seasoned voice actor with a remarkable portfolio. His performance as Rayvis in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is both menacing and compelling. Douglas’s extensive experience in voice acting, combined with his live-action roles in series like CSI: Vegas and films like Drowning In Secrets, make him the perfect choice to portray Rayvis in a live-action series or movie.

Disney, the potential for this live-action series or film is immense. With a rich storyline, complex characters, and talented actors, this project could become a landmark addition to the Star Wars franchise. The fans, including myself, are eager to see this vision brought to life. The power to make this happen is in your hands.

May the Force be with you,

Darth Vader