Top 25 Voice Over Actors In America

Top 25 Voice Over Actors In America

Famous voice actors bring to life the characters we love, imbuing them with personality, emotion, and depth that resonate with audiences of all ages. From iconic cartoons to unforgettable video game heroes, voice actors craft a legacy that echoes through the halls of entertainment history. This blog post pays homage to the top 50 voice over actors, whose vocal talents have become the soundtracks of our imaginations. Although it’s challenging to encompass their extensive careers in just a paragraph each, here’s an attempt to highlight some of their most memorable contributions to voice acting.

1. Mel Blanc (1908–1989)
Often hailed as “The Man of a Thousand Voices,” Mel Blanc’s legacy is monumental in the realm of animation. He breathed life into Bugs Bunny, stating the iconic phrase, “What’s up, Doc?” with such nonchalance that it became a cultural staple. Blanc’s repertoire spanned over hundreds of Looney Tunes characters, including Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and Tweety Bird, making him a pivotal figure in the golden age of American animation.

2. Tara Strong
Tara Strong’s versatile voice has been a defining feature in numerous animated series. She is best known for her role as Twilight Sparkle in “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.” Her ability to infuse characters with both strength and vulnerability makes her performances stand out, from Raven in “Teen Titans” to Timmy Turner in “The Fairly OddParents.”

3. Mark Hamill
While Mark Hamill may forever be associated with Luke Skywalker from “Star Wars,” his voice acting skills are most notably exemplified through his portrayal of the Joker in “Batman: The Animated Series.” His chilling laughter and maniacal delivery have set the standard for the character, influencing how the Joker is perceived in all forms of media.

4. Nancy Cartwright
Best recognized for giving voice to Bart Simpson on “The Simpsons,” Nancy Cartwright has immortalized the mischievous ten-year-old with her raspy, spirited delivery. Cartwright’s work extends beyond the streets of Springfield, voicing characters like Rufus in “Kim Possible” and Chuckie Finster in “Rugrats.”

5. James Earl Jones
With a voice as commanding as it is recognizable, James Earl Jones’s vocal performance as Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” series has become legendary. His deep, resonant tones conveyed the complexities of one of cinema’s greatest villains, making Vader’s every word unforgettable.

6. Frank Welker
Frank Welker is a true vocal chameleon; his work ranges from Fred Jones in the “Scooby-Doo” franchise to the voice of Megatron in “Transformers.” His ability to create both human and non-human sounds makes him a precious asset in animation and beyond, proving that his vocal cords can do just about anything.

7. Billy West
Billy West is the voice behind some of the most beloved characters of modern animation. Notable for his roles in “Futurama” as Philip J. Fry, Professor Farnsworth, and Dr. Zoidberg, West’s versatility and comedic timing have made him a mainstay in the industry.

8. Phil LaMarr
A man of many talents, Phil LaMarr has an impressive range that includes the cool and collected Samurai Jack from the eponymous series and the fast-talking Hermes Conrad from “Futurama.” His dynamic vocal work ensures that each character he portrays is unique and memorable.

9. Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings’s warm and robust vocal presence has graced many characters, most notably Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too. His performances are filled with a comforting familiarity, whether he’s voicing a gentle bear in the Hundred Acre Wood or the dastardly Disney villain Pete.

10. Seth MacFarlane
As the creator of “Family Guy,” “American Dad!” and “The Cleveland Show,” Seth MacFarlane not only lends his writing talent but also his voice to lead characters such as Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Stan Smith. His knack for humor and musicality brings a distinct edge to each role.

11. Tress MacNeille
Tress MacNeille is one of the most prolific and talented voice actresses in the industry, known for an array of characters including Dot Warner from “Animaniacs” and Mom on “Futurama.” Her impressive range allows her to voice characters of various ages, species, and genders, making her a versatile and indispensable talent.

12. Kevin Conroy (1955–2022)
Kevin Conroy will forever be remembered as the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in “Batman: The Animated Series.” His deep, authoritative voice brought a gravitas to Batman that has influenced all subsequent portrayals of the Dark Knight, setting a benchmark for the character’s voice for years to come.

13. Jennifer Hale
Referred to by some as “a female Mel Blanc,” Jennifer Hale’s extensive work includes Commander Shepard in the “Mass Effect” series, cementing her as a significant figure in the realm of video game voice acting. Her performances are rich with nuance, bringing depth to every character she voices.

14. June Foray (1917–2017)
June Foray was a pioneer among female voice actors, providing the voices for Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha Fatale in “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.” Her career spanned over seven decades, during which she contributed to the personality of countless beloved characters.

15. Maurice LaMarche
Known for his impeccable impression of Orson Welles, Maurice LaMarche has given voice to a wide variety of characters, including the brainy mouse, Brain, in “Pinky and the Brain.” His deep, mellifluous voice and comedic timing make his characters both convincing and delightful.

16. John DiMaggio
Known for his gruff voice and hearty laugh, John DiMaggio’s most famous role is Bender in “Futurama.” DiMaggio’s range, however, extends far beyond the alcoholic robot; he’s voiced characters such as Jake the Dog in “Adventure Time” and Marcus Fenix in the “Gears of War” video game series.

17. Charlie Adler
Charlie Adler’s high-energy performances have made him a staple in animated series. Notably, he’s the voice behind both the neurotic Cow and the mischievous Chicken in “Cow and Chicken,” and the iconic Starscream in “Transformers.” Adler’s ability to switch between extreme personalities makes each of his characters stand out.

18. Tom Kane
Tom Kane’s voice work includes a wide array of characters, but he is particularly known for his role as Yoda in various “Star Wars” animated series, bringing the same wisdom and cadence to the character that fans have come to love. Kane’s contributions to voice acting extend to narrations and announcements, showcasing his versatility.

19. Peter Cullen
The definitive voice of Optimus Prime in the “Transformers” franchise, Peter Cullen has become synonymous with the heroic leader of the Autobots. His deep, commanding voice encapsulates the nobility and strength of the character, making him an unforgettable presence in animation and live-action.

20. Yardley Smith
Yardley Smith has a distinctive voice that’s instantly recognizable as Lisa Simpson on “The Simpsons.” Smith’s portrayal of the intelligent and passionate Simpson daughter has earned her critical acclaim, and her voice has become an essential part of the character’s identity.

21. Mila Kunis
As the voice of Meg Griffin on “Family Guy,” Mila Kunis brings to life the often-ignored member of the Griffin family with a mix of sarcasm and surprising depth. Her performance as Meg adds layers to a character that could have easily been one-dimensional, offering moments of humor and pathos.

22. Morgan Freeman
Though not primarily known for voice acting, Morgan Freeman’s distinctive voice has narrated many films and shows, including the iconic “March of the Penguins.” His deep, soothing voice conveys authority and warmth, making his narrations instantly recognizable and often imitated.

23. E.G. Daily
E.G. Daily’s raspy and youthful voice has captivated audiences as Tommy Pickles in “Rugrats” and as Buttercup in “The Powerpuff Girls.” Her ability to embody the innocence and spunk of her characters has left a memorable imprint in the world of animation.

24. Tom Kenny
Tom Kenny is the voice behind the lovably eccentric SpongeBob SquarePants. Kenny’s high-pitched and animated portrayal of the underwater sponge has become iconic, entertaining children and adults alike for over two decades. His work extends to other characters within the series, showing a range that is both impressive and hilariously entertaining.

25. Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell gave life to Princess Anna in the “Frozen” franchise with a performance that blends singing talent with emotional voice acting. Bell’s portrayal is filled with optimism, determination, and vulnerability, creating a relatable and endearing character that has resonated with audiences worldwide.

And 25 more who deserve to be mentioned but my fingers are too tired to type for:

26. Patrick Warburton
27. Hank Azaria
28. Eddie Murphy
29. Dee Bradley Baker
30. Tom Hanks
31. Don Messick (1926–1997)
32. Jason Marsden
33. Jack Black
34. Jeff Bennett
35. Grey DeLisle
36. Rob Paulsen
37. Robin Williams (1951–2014)
38. Casey Kasem (1932–2014)
39. Nolan North
40. Cree Summer
41. Don LaFontaine (1940–2008)
42. Lauren Tom
43. Kevin Michael Richardson
44. Charlie Adler (again, seems to be listed twice in the image)
45. Kath Soucie
46. Alan Reed (as per your request, omitted)
47. Dan Castellaneta
48. Harry Shearer
49. Matt Stone
50. You?