Rachael West: The Voice That Launched a Thousand Characters

Rachael West: The Voice That Launched a Thousand Characters

Once upon a time, in a world where voices reigned supreme, there lived a pint-sized powerhouse named Rachael West. Now, you might be thinking, “What’s so special about another voice actor?” Well, buckle up, buttercup, because Rachael’s story is about to take you on a wild ride through the land of make-believe and million-dollar vocal cords!

The Birth of Brooke Woode: A Toddler’s Tale

Picture this: It’s the early 1990s, and while most toddlers are busy eating crayons and terrorizing the family cat, little Rachael is cooking up something extraordinary. At the tender age of three, when most of us were still figuring out how to tie our shoes, Rachael created her first alter-ego: the fabulous, the fantastic, the oh-so-fancy “Brooke Woode.”

Now, Brooke wasn’t your average imaginary friend. Oh no, this sophisticated lady had a penchant for neon pink sunglasses and fancy hats that would make the Queen of England green with envy. And let’s not forget the piece de resistance – a voice so posh it could make even the most uppity butler sound like a country bumpkin. Little did anyone know that this early foray into character creation was the first step on Rachael’s path to voice acting greatness.

Fun Fact: Rachael’s childhood alter-ego, Brooke Woode, could give lessons in style to fashion icons. Neon pink sunglasses, anyone?

College Days: From Beer Pong to Broadway Dreams

Fast forward to Rachael’s college years at Mesa State College (now Colorado Mesa University, because apparently even colleges need rebranding). While other students were perfecting their beer pong skills, Rachael was busy earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre: Acting and Directing. And she didn’t just graduate; she graduated Summa Cum Laude, which is Latin for “Holy cow, this girl’s got brains!” As if that wasn’t enough to make the rest of us feel like underachievers, she even delivered the commencement address. One can only imagine she channeled a bit of Brooke Woode’s sophistication for that speech.

Radio Days: The Birth of a Voice Superhero

But Rachael’s journey was just beginning. Like a vocal superhero in training, she honed her powers in the radio world. From 2001 to 2009, she bounced around Colorado radio stations like a caffeinated kangaroo. She started at 100.7 The Moose in Grand Junction (no, we don’t know if they actually had a moose as a mascot) before moving to the big city lights of Denver to work at 98.5 KYGO.

It was during this time that Rachael discovered her love for Keith Urban’s music. Now, we’re not saying she became a stalker, but let’s just say if Keith Urban ever needed a body double for his voice, Rachael would be first in line with her resume and a jar of honey for her throat.

Fun Fact: Rachael’s radio days were filled with more Keith Urban concerts than there are kangaroos in Australia. Okay, maybe not that many, but you get the idea!

RW Talent LLC: Where Magic Happens (and Voices Come to Life)

In 2009, Rachael decided it was time to spread her wings and fly solo. She founded RW Talent LLC, a voiceover business that quickly became the go-to place for clients who wanted their projects to sound less like a boring documentary and more like an epic adventure narrated by the voice of an angel (or a demon, or a talking squirrel – Rachael can do it all!).

Her studio is equipped with more high-tech gear than a NASA control room. The crown jewel? A Neumann TLM-67 microphone that’s so fancy, it probably has its own agent. And let’s not forget Adobe Audition, which Rachael wields like a audio wizard, turning raw sound into audio gold faster than you can say “Take two!”

Rachael West: Voice Acting Chameleon

Rachael’s voice has brought more characters to life than a Disney animator on a caffeine binge. One of her most notable roles is Atiqtalik in the video game “Fear Effect: Sedna.” We’re not saying Rachael’s performance was so good it scared the pixels off the other characters, but… okay, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

Her talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2024, she was named the Best Female Voice Actor of the Year at the Voicey Awards. We hear the trophy came with its own microphone, perfect for Rachael to practice her acceptance speeches for future awards.

Fun Fact: Rachael’s voice is so versatile, she once convinced a client she was a full cast of characters. Plot twist: it was all Rachael!

The Rachael West Fan Club (Also Known as Her Client List)

Rachael’s clients love her more than a bear loves honey. Don’t believe us? Just ask Dave L., Director of Multimedia, who said, “Rachael’s voiceover work has been a huge asset for us. She always delivers promptly and takes the time to understand the direction given for each project.” Translation: Rachael’s so good, she makes other voice actors sound like they’re gargling marbles.

Or take it from Brian P., Digital Video Content Manager, who gushed, “Rachael’s professionalism is truly next level. She takes direction extremely well, and her turnaround time is insanely fast.” We’re pretty sure “insanely fast” means Rachael has secretly mastered the art of time travel.

And let’s not forget Jordan P., Director, who called Rachael his “secret weapon for elevating projects and wowing clients.” We’re not saying Rachael’s voice has magical powers, but we’re not not saying it either.

The Woman Behind the Microphone

When she’s not busy being the voice whisperer, Rachael enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She’s also got a thing for the color purple that would make Prince jealous. We’re talking purple microphones, purple headphones, purple studio walls – if it can be purple, Rachael’s probably got it in purple.

So there you have it, folks – the tale of Rachael West, the girl who turned talking to herself into a career. From Brooke Woode to award-winning voice actor, Rachael’s journey is proof that sometimes, the most powerful tool we have is the one we’re born with – our voice. Just remember, the next time you hear a particularly enchanting voice on your favorite commercial, video game, or talking teddy bear, it might just be the one and only Rachael West, working her vocal magic once again.

Fun Fact: Rachael’s love for purple is so intense, rumors say she once turned down a job because the script didn’t have enough purple prose. (Okay, we made that up, but you believed it for a second, didn’t you?)

Want to hear more from the voice that launched a thousand characters (and probably a few ships)? Check out Rachael’s official website or her profile on Bunny Studio. Just be warned: once you hear Rachael’s voice, you might never want to listen to anyone else again!