Be The Sizzle, Baby!

Be The Sizzle, Baby!

There are many rewards to be gained from doing voiceover.  There’s the money.  The freedom to audition in your underwear from your home studio.  The pseudo-fame that bubbles up to the surface of the cultural cesspool for fifteen minutes… And sometimes, if the voice over Gods smile upon you — enlightenment.

Yes, enlightenment.  Newfound knowledge that opens up one’s perspective.  For me, that happened when I voiced the new McDonalds campaign – “Be The Sizzle” – which illustrates the beauty of the sausage egg McMuffin.  It planted the seed in my mind.

Then, one early morning in the valley, I got hungry.  Then I saw the local McDonalds… and I knew.  I had to try a sausage egg McMuffin once more (15 years after the last time, thanks to the ability to afford real restaurants and shacking up with a health-conscious woman).  In I went.

Nirvana.  I’ve had it two more times since… Thank  you, voice over Gods, for showing me the light… The cholesterol tinted light… I am more than lovin’ it.  I’m adding the joy to my waist.

Don’t you just want one now???