Voice Over Rates (Union & Non-Union)

Voice Over Rates (Union & Non-Union)

voice over Rates: Why Quality Talent Matters

When it comes to hiring a voice over artist, one of the most challenging aspects can be understanding and navigating the various rates. voice over rates can vary widely based on the type of project, the experience of the talent, and the region in which they are based. In this article, we’ll break down the different types of voice over projects, their associated costs, and why higher quality talent often comes with higher rates. We’ll also discuss why opting for cheaper rates can end up costing you more in the long run.

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Non-Union voice over Rates by Project Type and Region

Please note that these rates may vary due to economic factors as well as the time that has lapsed since this post was published.

Project Types

  • CommercialsCommercials are short advertisements used to promote products, services, or brands. These can be aired on radio, television, or streaming platforms. Examples include spots for local businesses, national campaigns, and product launches. According to Voices.com, a leading online marketplace for voice over services, commercial rates can range from $100 to $500 per spot, depending on the medium and usage.
    • Radio: $100 – $300 per spot
    • TV: $200 – $500 per spot
    • Internet: $200 – $400 per spot
  • NarrationNarration involves providing a voice for various types of content, such as corporate videos, documentaries, and audiobooks. This can include explaining processes, telling stories, or providing information to the audience. SAG-AFTRA, the union representing voice over artists in the United States, provides guidelines for narration rates based on project type and length.
    • Corporate/Industrial: $300 – $1,000 per project
    • Documentary: $300 – $700 per finished hour
    • Audiobook: $100 – $400 per finished hour
  • E-LearningE-learning voiceovers are used in online courses, training modules, and educational content. The voice artist may provide instruction, guide learners through exercises, or narrate slides and visuals. eLearning Industry, a leading platform for e-learning professionals, provides insights into e-learning voice over rates and best practices.
    • Per finished hour: $150 – $300
    • Per word: $0.10 – $0.30
  • Animation/Character VoicesCharacter voiceovers bring animated characters to life in films, television shows, and video games. Voice actors often create unique voices and personalities for each character they portray. I Want To Be A Voice Actor, a resource for aspiring voice actors, provides a breakdown of character voice over rates per episode and per character.
    • Per episode: $200 – $600
    • Per character: $100 – $300
  • Video GamesVideo game voiceovers involve providing voices for characters, narration, and other in-game dialogue. Voice actors may need to record multiple takes and variations to account for different game scenarios and player choices. GamesRadar+, a leading source for video game news and reviews, offers insights into the world of video game voice acting and rates.
    • Per hour: $200 – $400
    • Per project: $500 – $2,000
  • Telephony/IVRTelephony and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) voiceovers are used in phone systems, menus, and automated messages. Voice artists may record prompts, greetings, and instructions to guide callers through various options. Gravicom, a provider of IVR solutions, offers a detailed breakdown of IVR voice over costs and considerations.
    • Per prompt: $10 – $50
    • Per project: $200 – $500

Regional Breakdown

  • North America
    • Commercials: $300 – $500 per spot
    • Narration: $400 – $1,000 per project
  • Europe
    • Commercials: $200 – $400 per spot
    • Narration: $300 – $800 per project
  • Asia
    • Commercials: $100 – $300 per spot
    • Narration: $200 – $700 per project
  • Australia
    • Commercials: $200 – $500 per spot
    • Narration: $300 – $900 per project
  • South America
    • Commercials: $100 – $300 per spot
    • Narration: $200 – $600 per project

Union voice over Rates (SAG-AFTRA)

Project Types

  • Commercials
    • Radio: $250 – $500 per spot
    • TV: $500 – $1,200 per spot
    • Internet: $400 – $800 per spot
  • Narration
    • Corporate/Industrial: $500 – $1,500 per project
    • Documentary: $500 – $1,000 per finished hour
    • Audiobook: $150 – $500 per finished hour
  • E-Learning
    • Per finished hour: $300 – $600
    • Per word: $0.20 – $0.50
  • Animation/Character Voices
    • Per episode: $800 – $1,500
    • Per character: $500 – $800
  • Video Games
    • Per hour: $250 – $600
    • Per project: $1,000 – $3,000
  • Telephony/IVR
    • Per prompt: $20 – $75
    • Per project: $300 – $800

Regional Breakdown

Union rates are typically standardized across the United States under SAG-AFTRA, but they may see slight variations in major markets like Los Angeles and New York. International union rates can vary depending on local unions and agreements.

Why Higher Quality Talent Matters

While it may be tempting to opt for the lower end of the rate spectrum, this often results in additional costs down the line. Cheaper talent is frequently less experienced, which can lead to more time spent on direction, multiple takes, and inconsistent performance. This not only extends project timelines but can also affect the overall quality of the final product.

Investing in higher quality talent ensures a more professional and efficient recording process. Experienced voice over artists bring consistency, reliability, and a refined skill set that enhances the final output. This is especially crucial for projects where voice plays a significant role, such as commercials, e-learning modules, and audiobooks.

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