Collecting Laugh Lines

Collecting Laugh Lines

I was on Sullivan & Son last week.  I didn’t really publicize the fact very hard.  Not because the show isn’t good – it’s actually quite funny and has a lot of potential.  I didn’t do my usual whoring of my latest acting gig primarily because it was a simple service character.  A “judge” type that moves the scene along with basic dialogue — no laugh lines. (These co-star roles are all a part of reinvigorating a resume of old guest star credits.)

But the reason I landed the gig, I believe, is because of a one word ad-lib I threw in near the end of the scene.  An ad-lib that I kept when in rehearsals and for the final taping.  Only at the final network run-thru did one of the producers come up to me and say with a wink, ‘So, we let that ad-lib slip by, didn’t we?”

“Yes, and oh how I’m grateful!”

And I was.  It was a laugh line.  And when it comes to comedy, I like to collect as many as I can!  They give you instant gratification and plug you into the bloodstream of the show.

They also help make an entertaining demo reel!

After two years it was time to make a new comedy reel (thank you, Dave Secor).  So, enjoy a quick overview of some of my lighter work… and keep a lookout for the one line adlib… (Hint: it’s at the end before the name shows up… That was an over zealous hint, wasn’t it?)

As a side note, I loved working on the “Sullivan & Son” set.  Every one was quite gracious, especially Ahmed Ahmed and Roy Wood Jr. (You can see edited version of scenes here.)

And for those of you who prefer D.C. in sad face, my dramatic reel: