The March Madness of D.C. Douglas

The March Madness of D.C. Douglas

This post is for lovers of videogames, sitcoms, voice over and drunk, tall guys.  Apparently the planets aligned while I was still learning how to operate my stargazing iPhone app and now I have a month of D.C. tainted projects being released into the atmosphere.  Yes, complete D.C. saturation! … (I’m just getting the Resident Evil puns out of the way.)

Seriously, kids, get your DVRs and game consoles warmed up.  Ready? Here we go:

March 5th

If you’re in Sweden, keep a look out for the Älsa Mer commercial called “The Lovinator” since it begins airing today with D.C. as the voice over!

March 6th

Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally here! Mass Effect 3 is released! Legion may or may not be back…? You tell me (1:24).


Also on March 6th, Street Fighter X Tekken is released! I’m back as Raven!

March 9th

Rise of Dragonian Era is released! I play a rather “old school” narrator (heard at end of teaser) as well as some menacing minor characters.

March 9th & 10th

D.C. Douglas Image - a and g ohio dc douglas1

Meet me in person at the Animation & Gaming Convention in Ohio! It’s my second time there and my second con ever!  Yup.  Not a con virgin anymore, but certainly shy and inexperienced.  Please be gentle.

Schedule includes:

Friday Opening Ceremonies & autograph session.
Saturday morning – autograph session.
Saturday at noon – Star Wars: The Old Republic panel with Richard Epcar!
Saturday at 1:00 – On The Spot Dubbing with Steve Downes!

But my favorite event is one I asked for:
Saturday at 9:30 pm – Drinking Q & A with me! (21 or older only – sorry)
This 90 minutes will be filled with tipsy answers to silly questions. There will be blood… I mean, there will be prizes and drinks!

March 13th

D.C. Douglas Image - tales of graces f dc douglas2

Tales of Graces F is released… Can’t say if I’m in it (lawyers strike again!) but if I were, it would be a small, regal role.  (Seriously small.  I would not, as per the rumors, be a major character… Just saying…)

March 21st

D.C. Douglas Image - hot in cleveland dc douglas

Getting back to my doughy ass on the boob tube, my episode of Hot in Cleveland airs on TV Land!  Though a small role, the experience was amazing.  You can read my behind-the-scenes account here.

March 26th April 9th

D.C. Douglas Image - 2 broke girls dc douglas1

For sitcom fans (and videogame fans who’d like to see Legion as flesh & blood) my episode of 2 Broke Girls airs on CBS!  Read my behind-the-scenes account of working the show here. [they moved the airdate with no regard to my blog post!]

Saturdays in March

D.C. Douglas Image - transformers rescue bots dc douglas1

Every Saturday morning you and your kids can see me as ‘Chase’ on The Hub’s Transformers: Rescue Bots! Read about the cast and recording sessions here!

And, finally…

My very cool NFL Network promos wrap-up! A big thank you to Huck & the gang at Voicecasters,  the very kind folks at Mutt Industries, and, of course, the NFL Network. I had a blast being a part of them!

Oh, and if you saw the Seth Rogen / Joseph Gordon-Levit film 50/50, you may have heard me reporting on a metaphor from Hawaii…

So there it is.  A month of D.C. Douglas.  Don’t hate me because I’m ubiquitous.  Hate me because I’m beautiful… Or because of my Jordache jeans?  Ah, hell, make it a general hate and I’ll get the message.