Political Voiceovers Revisited

Political Voiceovers Revisited

Last September I wrote about why I perform voice over work for any political party that pays me.  I noted that an anonymous voiceover doesn’t really have sway upon the voter’s mind, and if it does, that voter may need to alter their antipsychotics dosage.

However, that was all before the lovely Matt Kibbe entered my public life.  Now, when it’s noted who the voiceover is, it seems to have an extra zing to the consonants and texture to the vowels.  Mind you, I still voice all political commercials, but some I do out of the kindness of my bleeding heart.

MediaMatters is one place I love to lend a vocal chord to.  In fact, here was a recent one:

(By the way, Fox News has agreed to run an obfuscated version of this spot…)

But where my services can best be utilized, I believe, are in the support of Matt Kibbe, Dick Armey and FreedomWorks.  Aside from their remedial in-house graphic artist and Matt’s undertaker personality, they seem to lack a certain video production flair.  So, when I learned that Matt and Dick had some ghostwriters whip-up a history-altering FreedomWorks positioning essay, er, “manifesto,” I felt a deep urge to make them a commercial worthy of their efforts.

And so, I now present my contribution to Matt Kibbe and Dick Armey’s “Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifest” book tour.  I call this spot “Matt Kibbe Pitches Dick.”

Please share it with all video outlets you can.  Matt and Dick are counting on us.