Your Holiday Voiceover Hero!

Your Holiday Voiceover Hero!

Faster than the speed of sound! More powerful than Burl Ives sentimentality! Able to voice generic comic book styles in a single recording session!  It’s…

Well, it’s really just a Radio Shack national holiday campaign, but it’s cute!  One of the nicest ladies in voice over casting, Carroll Kimble of Carroll Casting brought me in on the auditions.  After booking it, we recorded at Tree Falls in Studio City.  If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy:

Advertising agency: Butler Shine Stern & Partners.

But you know what would really roast my chestnuts?  A little Disney-esque animation.  Last month I recorded the voice of the tiger in this Netflix television spot.  The thing to note about it is that they pushed their computers out of the way so they could hand draw each cell of animation!  How cool is that?

Advertising agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners.  I wish I caught the name of the woman who voices the rabbit because she is perfect!

But let’s make sure I’ve lit up your entire menorah!  Here’s the first gig I landed with my new, awesome voice over agency – AVO Talent.  An unusual gig for Dancing With The Stars!

Hopefully this blog post has put you in the holiday mood.  If so, I could really use some more underwear.  Briefs, but boxer cut – like Mark Wahlberg.